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Lies of P progresses in its development: the director of Pinocchio’s soulsborne is very optimistic

Lies of P continues to advance in its development. The director of this long-awaited soulsborne has offered a brief expansion of the state of the game, which seems already propped up for 2023.

Lies of P is one of the most promising games that a few of us have been tracking for several months. The fans of bloodborne you’ve probably heard of this play Korean inspired by the benefits and setting of the FromSoftware game.

Despite the fact that he was first popularly referred to as the Bloodborne of pinocchio (since it takes us to a world where the wooden doll has the leading role), the last glimpses of Lies of P made it clear that it was a game with its own personality. There is good material in what is seen here.

For now, we know that Lies of P is coming to consoles and PC (available from the day of launch on Xbox Game Pass), but we are not sure when it will be released in 2023. Luckily, the game director has provided some details.


Lies Of P – Gameplay Director’s cut

Lies of P is having a good pace of development

In an interview with the media 4Gamergame director Choi Ji-Won has been talking about the development and how Lies of P has progressed since its last look in August:

We announced in August that development was 70% done, but now it’s further along than that.Ji-Won commented. Most of the development is done, and the rest is in the process of being put together, bug fixed, polished, and made final adjustments.

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With this information in hand, many fans have allowed themselves the luxury of being optimistic. Despite the fact that the launch points to 2023, it may not be that long to enjoy this proposal, which we already described clearly in our impressions.

Be careful because with this game a few adventures await us. It has already been commented that the title will last between 30 and 60 hours. And about its setting, well, it won’t take as much from Bloodborne as it seemed at first:

The time of the Belle Epoque in the 19th century in France, Paris, commented the director of Lies of P. We wanted this because the Victorian style is used a lot in these types of games, so we wanted to have a different game. Yes, steampunk is also implemented in this game. But the general theme of this game is pinocchioand these are puppets.

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