ElXocas responds to the Ministry of Equality for the campaign in which it is pointed out indirectly and does not rule out actions

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ElXocas has seen the campaign of the Ministry of Equality where he is pointed out indirectly and responds to it: “The saddest thing about this story is that we are in the same boat“.

elxocas He has seen the new campaign of the Ministry of Equality where he is pointed out indirectly. He has responded to both this and Irene Montero and it seems that he does not rule out actions.

The streamer has commented live what he thinks of this new video, placing special emphasis on the first part where he alludes to some comments he made last April.

That is totally against, not only what I defend, but also everything that I have been defending all my life and everything that millions and millions of Spanish men defend every day.“.

The streamer comments that they are in the same boat with women because he goes “continue defending the rights and freedoms of women at every step of my life“.

Xokas argues that he will do it despite the fact that Irene Montero uses the public money that they give her from private companies for her public enjoyment and for “attack people you hate.

Instead of helping the many, many women who have been abused, harassed and raped and who really need that help“, he kept saying.

To which he ends: “If you used that money for good instead of hating people you already obviously hate because they have nothing to do with you, life would be much better, the government would be much better and Spain would be much better.“.

ElXocas before Irene Montero, message against message

In other tweets like the ones that collect several users on Twitter you can also hear him denouncing the campaign: “It would be great if you used it [el dinero] for important things and not to make announcements […] in which to slander people who defend the same as you but in the correct way“.

In the clip he affirms that he has not said anything that appears in the campaign because he has not used the superlative ‘very’ and only said drunk, something that they have compared in this other video.

Be that as it may, it is true that he has never thrown any fragment or speech from the internet and you can see all the network since Twitch has had a good month of October.

Definitely, ElXocas has responded to the Ministry of Equality and to Irene Montero equally for his reference in the new campaign. Will you take action for real?

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