Diablo IV would also be at The Game Awards gala offering new information

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Geoff Keighley would activate “diablo mode” at his annual awards gala to show more details of the highly anticipated Diablo IV. A prominent insider assures that the Blizzard game will be at The Game Awards.

Diablo IV It is one of the most anticipated games for 2023. Announced a few years ago, the next great installment in the saga is making itself hard for PC and console players. The good thing is that it seems closer and closer to its launch.

We’ve recently heard that Diablo 4 might be gearing up for an April 2023 release, with pre-orders starting in December. And to these rumors another one is added, this one coming from Insider Gamingthrough the well-known leaker Tom Henderson.

The report claims that Diablo IV will be at The Game Awards gala early next December to provide more details on his proposal. Of course, nothing is official, but it could very well be one of Geoff Keighley’s World Premiers.


Diablo IV Announce Cinematic By Three They Come

Diablo IV at The Game Awards? There are already a few candidates

The Game Awards is an awards gala where the 2022 GOTY and the different winners in a number of categories will be revealed, but it is not the only thing we will see. Every year, this format has been gaining more and more relevance.

For this reason, the revelations of games that are awaiting release in the coming months are more and more common. As we say, Diablo 4 of Blizzard is only one of the games rumored to appear during the gala with more information.

It has already been commented that Star Wars Jedi Survivor would be at The Game Awards, where its launch would be confirmed in March. Although, once again this information is not official. What games do you think will be at this ceremony?

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As far as Diablo IV is concerned… we’ve been hearing a few things about the game lately. Its creators have commented that it will have an open world but players “want to be told where to go”. Do you agree?

On the other hand, it seems that the game has made changes after what was seen in its most recent installment. Diablo IV moves away from the controversies of Devil Immortal and it is that Blizzard detailed a different monetization in this long-awaited installment.

Diablo IV was officially announced in 2019 at the blizzcon in which we had the good fortune to try it. The game promises a lot, but it is still early to draw many more conclusions, since in these years it will have changed considerably.

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