Deck Nine could be working on a new installment of Life is Strange, according to this job offer

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The studio responsible for Life is Strange True Colors is looking for new staff to work on a ”new storytelling adventure” and also on a ”AAA single-player adventure”.

One of the big news this year was the sale of Square Enix’s western studios (Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics among them) to the Embracer Group. However, the Japanese company still has licenses as successful as Life is Strange.

The viability of the IP was more than demonstrated with Life is Strange True Colors, developed by Deck Nine, which opens the doors to future deliveries from the adventure franchise.

There is a new one life is strange Developing? It’s certainly not confirmed, but Deck Nine is known to be preparing several projects beyond The Expanse alongside Telltale Games.


Life is Strange True Colors – Trailer Welcome to Haven Springs!

Via very ligaming we have discovered a number of job offers from Deck Nine (since removed), which refer to an unannounced narrative adventureas well as a AAA single-player adventure.

Both descriptions fit the Life is Strange saga, but maybe they have nothing to do with this franchise. Would you like to see a new game?

Life is Strange could be back

Deck Nine is the studio responsible (not the original creators) for deliveries like Life is Strange True Colors or Life is Strange: Before the Storm. At the moment the IP is in the hands of the American study, which could be working on new games.

Several job offers already withdrawn indicate that Deck Nine is looking for new staff…specifically a lead designer with experience in single player games.

In the description of the offer reference is made to a ”new narrative adventure from the studio”, as well as a ”AAA single-player adventure”. It seems that both projects will make use of Unreal Engine.

Life is Strange Remastered Collection

Do you want more clues? Apparently the new Deck Nine will bet on a non-linear narrative structurewhich fits very well with the playable mechanics of Life is Strange.

It is understood that these offers are not related to The Expanse: A Telltale Seriesa new game that Deck Nine is offering co-development services for Telltale.

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The continuity of Life is Strange is viable, since it is practically the only western IP that is still profitable for Square Enix. Let’s remember that the Marvel games and the new IP Outriders did not meet the expectations of the Japanese company.

Is there a new Life is Strange in the works? It is possible, but you will have to be very attentive to new offers and clues in the profiles of job search in Deck Nine. What is clear is that we have many adventures to live.

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