China says it has solved the problem of addiction to video games among the youngest

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China’s policies are reducing youth addiction to video games, according to a study. This could make Beijing lessen its strong regulation of the video game industry, something that would benefit big companies like Tencent or NetEase.

China is adopting very restrictive policies for the technology sector and video games, and which aim to protect young people. Since last year, the minors have forbidden to play more than 3 hours a week to online games, and even watching streamers after 10 pm.

And this has paid off. A report presented by the CNG firm, together with the government group China Game Industry Group Committeeshows that they are managing to reduce the addiction of minors to video games.

The results of the report say that more than 70% of minors already play video games less than 3 hours a week, and the problem of addiction among minors “has taken a step forward for resolution“.

The report also praises the work of Tencent and NetEase for their positive actions to protect minors from becoming addicted to video games.


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China revives the video game industry

These positive data may mean that the Beijing government is going to loosen its hand when it comes to state control of the gaming and technology industry.

In China, video games need an approval from the government in order to be published and sold. These approvals stopped in summer 2021, and they didn’t approve games again until April 2022.

According to CNBC, the rate of games approved for sale in China could increase. This week they approved 70 new games, including Tencent’s Metal Slug: Awakening, the first game from the Chinese giant to receive approval in a year and a half.

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NetEaseanother of the large Chinese video game companies, is going through a particular hole having canceled its agreement with Blizzard, so games like Overwatch 2 either world of warcraft they will cease their activities in China.

This highlights the need to have games designed specifically for the Chinese market, something Sony and Microsoft also want to compete in… even though PlayStation is ahead, with the success of Genshin Impact, and support for new games like Lost. Souls Aside.

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