Twitch amassed 1.8 billion hours of audience during October

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Twitch manages to reach 1,800 million hours of audience during the past month of October. For its part, Overwatch 2 has debuted as the third most watched game on the streaming platform.

October has been another month for twitchthe platform of Amazon Focused on streaming has achieved 1.8 billion hours of audience.

These numbers are given by the monthly State of the Stream reports offered by StreamElements and, from which echo

The bad part is that Twitch has not managed to reach the monthly viewers it had in January, at that time the platform reached two billion hours in terms of viewing.

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At least it has exceeded other figures such as those of last July, in summer Twitch closed the month with 1.7 billion hours of viewing.

On the other hand, Facebook Gaming reaches 342 million hours of views, thus recovering from a bump last September when it achieved 328 million.

YouTube Gaming attracted a total of 272 million views this past October, something to keep in mind since in a while it will be Ibai’s new home.

The main streaming platforms show their numbers

However, the Google-owned platform It continues in a significant decline, in August it was able to get a total of 305 million hours of viewing.

During the month Overwatch 2 has achieved debut on twitch as the third most watched game, having others like the Just ChattingLeague of Legends, GTA V, Dota 2, Valorant and FIFA 23 in between.

Twitch has reached an interesting point where we have a clear baseline for 2022 representing a massive audience, while growth has been simmering beyondsaid StreamElements CEO and co-founder Gil Hirsch.

This is likely less because streaming is losing momentum and more because creators are diversifying where to create content, especially seeing their expansion to TikTok and the collective growth of streaming.“.

Twitch will continue with these numbers a good season since at the moment it does not have a direct rival to overshadow it and others like MiXer left as they arrived.

For now Twitch has managed to amass 1.8 billion hours of audience during OctoberHow will you be doing in this month of November? We will find out soon.

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