This is Hawked, a free game for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC that looks like a new Fortnite with PvPvE and focused on extraction mode

This is Hawked, a free game for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC that looks like a new Fortnite with PvPvE and focused on extraction mode

At the beginning of 2023, an F2P similar to Fortnite will be launched in early access and fully committed to the Extraction mode: this is Hawked for PC and consoles.

Playing for free is always a great option. And much more with the continuous trickle of new F2P titles for PC and consoles, which follow in the wake of Call of Duty Warzone, Fortnite or Apex Legends. In a few months we will enjoy a new title: Hawked.

Developed by Upwake and similar in style to Fortnite, Hawked is a new free PvPvE shooter focused on Extraction modeand that, like Battle Royale, is set on an island.

For now, many details have not been specified. It’s known that Hawked will hit digital stores in early 2023 (in early access), and that it will be a game as a service 100% free.


Hawked – Announcement Trailer

Hawked is a third-person shooter that reminds us a lot of Fortnite. In this case, greater importance will be given to extraction, which is essentially a game mode based on collecting and looting items.

The creators of Hawked have shared a presentation trailer, which you can see above. And best of all: you can start playing it this week.

Hawked alpha test and other details

Hawked is a free shooter set on X-Isle, a place full of enemies and valuable treasures. Players will have to loot as much loot as possible to win each game, although they will also be able to form alliances with other players.

In that sense, Hawked is very similar to the extraction mode of Call of Duty Warzone or Fortnite. Its colorful aesthetic and character design also remind us of Epic’s Battle Royale.

Hawked will be released in Early Access in early 2023 for both PC (Windows) and consoles (which ones have not been specified).


However, this week you will be able to play Hawked on Windows. Upwake has confirmed that a closed alpha test will be held from November 24 to 28accessible via Steam.

Additionally, the Hawked Playtest is available at several languages ​​(in Spanish too), and offers an extensive look at what the game will be in a few months. The alpha will not be available on consoles.

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If you’re looking for a new F2P to rock and feel like something different, this week you can try the Hawked alpha on your PC. The game will launch in Early Access in a few months, so we’ll give you more details as soon as possible.

Hawked is currently in development by Upwake. It will be available on PC and consoles. early 2023, first in early access and then in its final version as a F2P title. Will it be able to unseat Fortnite?

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