The new campaign of the Ministry of Equality points directly to ElXocas and one of his most controversial comments

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The Ministry of Equality has launched a new video campaign that begins with a moment remembered by many. This one refers to ElXokas when in a live he made a comment collected in many places on the internet.

The new one campaign of Ministry of Equality starts strong towards direct allusion to elxocas and one of his most controversial comments in twitch.

Through Twitter, the account of the Ministry led by Minister Irene Montero He has published a tweet with a video that lasts just over a minute and includes various attitudes from day to day.

But as soon as the video begins, a boy appears doing a live show on a platform that is very similar to Twitch, but as an image (in this case, a video) is worth a thousand words…

Out of the jokes when I went out with my colleagues I drank juices and made friends with the waitresses. That’s tricky. I have a friend who only drinks juices at parties and always gets horny with very drunk girls“.

That phrase is practically literal to the one he said – and for which he went viral – in April of this year. But the moment with the video streamer continues a little longer to try to raise awareness.

Dude, you just said that your buddy is a sex offender.“, because although there are those who do not want to dignify this, it is actually a crime included in the Penal Code.

ElXokas will have moved the page, but his comments will not

The tweet titled “1 in 2 women in Spain have suffered some type of sexist violence throughout their lives. If you’re not going to do anything to stop it, #ThenWho?“Try to report these types of situations.

The video continues with other types of situations such as some inappropriate comments in interviews, with soccer players or the recent case of the balconies in the College of Madrid.

Although it is not the first time that something has happened with the streamer due to some kind of statement, since then it has continued to be on the front page of the media.

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After all, every time a similar situation occurred, everything was “solved” after disappearing from the screens for a few days and remaining silent.

In these and other cases it seems that the so-called ‘Cancellation Culture’ by many was not as effective as thought.

The platform is experiencing difficult weeks due to the banning of Sonic Frontiers and even due to the future departure of Ibai to go to YouTube.

What do you think of the new campaign of the Ministry of Equality and the approach to ElXocas for one of his most controversial comments?

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