The iconic and remembered Xbox 360 controller returns with a new official and wireless version for Xbox and PC

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Honoring the legacy of the original Xbox, Hyperkin announces an Xbox 360 controller that will work wirelessly across Xbox Series X|S, One, and PC.

It cannot be denied that the current xbox controller it is one of the most ergonomic ever designed. It is a step beyond what the One controller was, and there is also a Pro alternative with the Elite Series models.

However, it is inevitable to remember the iconic and cool Xbox 360 controller. It was the year 2005, and Microsoft surprised the world with a very powerful machine and much more beautiful than the original Xbox.

The Xbox 360 controller was not only wireless, but also incorporated two triggers ideal for shooters, a more comfortable button layout, and a peculiarly designed D-pad.


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Do you miss this controller? If so, you’ll be glad to know that an adapted wireless model will be launched in 2023 to work on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

It is the next step of hyperkina company specializing in gaming accessories, which has already left Xbox fans speechless with its Xbox Duke and Xbox Duke Halo edition controllers.

An iconic controller returns

Many years have passed since Microsoft discontinued the Xbox 360 and its accessories. However, some of you continue to play with your PC game controller, as it is an inexpensive and perfectly functional option today.

hyperkin has announced a wireless Xbox 360 controller that it will work perfectly on the new Microsoft consoles (Series X, Series S and One), as well as on PC.

Is about Xenon, an officially licensed replica that rescues all the elements of the original Xbox 360 controller. In addition, it incorporates the central buttons and main functions of the Xbox Series X|S controller.

Xbox 360

I remember when the Xbox 360 came out, it was a revolutionary experience. Online multiplayer, digital downloadable games, and a controller like no other. I have great memories with the Xbox 360, and we’re very excited to bring some of that nostalgia to modern consoles with the Xenon controller.” says Hyperkin’s Slade Dude Suzuki.

The Xenon remote does not yet have a release date, although Hyperkin assures us that it will be available sometime in 2023. It can be purchased in different colors: black, white, pink and red.

Of course, this replica of the Xbox 360 controller incorporates a 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB-C charging cable. It is a definitive and updated version of what was the 360 ​​controller.

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Apart from this Xenon controller, we remind you that Hyperkin also designed three classic controllers from the first Xbox compatible with new consoles. In 2018 they released a replica of the Xbox Duke controller, and last year they did the same with the purple Halo controller and the translucent green controller.

The Xenon control that replicates what was the original Xbox 360 controller it will be available on the Hyperkin website in 2023. If you miss this Xbox controller and want to relive old times, stay tuned for possible news from the company.

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