The Callisto Protocol reveals its list of trophies, although it could be an incomplete list since one of the most famous is missing

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The Callisto Protocol trophy list has already been released. The long-awaited space horror game reveals more information thanks to achievements and trophies, although there may still be some secret to discover.

The launch of The Callisto Protocol on PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC it will take place on December 2, so there are only a few days left to launch ourselves headlong into this space survival horror. There is desire and for this reason, many want to know this experience in depth.

Well then, if you are one of those interested in this The Callisto Protocol, know that they have already been game trophies and achievements revealed. This will have 27 trophies (the list belongs to PlayStation) with 1 Platinum trophy, 7 gold, 9 silver and 10 bronze.

Below we leave you the complete list (in case you want to take possible spoilers into account), although some users suspect that there could be more challenges, since at the time, Striking Distance Studios He said that one of them would be to die in every possible way.

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List of trophies and achievements for The Callisto Protocol

  • It’s over, Jacob! – Get all the trophies
  • I Do Belong Here – Beat the game on any difficulty
  • You Need a Gun – Fully upgrade a weapon
  • The Protocol is About Life – Complete the game on maximum difficulty
  • Grim Reaper – Collect and implant all biotic implants
  • The Commonality – Solve the mystery of Kallipolis
  • Get a Grip – Grab 25 enemies with the GRP
  • Terminated – Kill a security bot
  • Two Heads Are Better Than One – Kill a Two Heads
  • In Striking Distance – Kill an enemy with GRP and a melee combo
  • Paper Jams – Paint a weapon for the first time
  • Reforged – Paint a weapon upgrade
  • Giving Back – Hit five enemies blind by the sword
  • Mugshot – Use photo mode
  • Float Like A Butterfly – Execute five perfect dodges
  • Flesh Wound – Rips both arms off an enemy with ranged weapons and melee attacks
  • Chew ‘Em Up – Kill 10 enemies with the stage
  • Workplace Hazard – Use the GRP to kill an enemy with the stage
  • The Outer Way – Find the Outer Way
  • Desperate Times – Elias gives Jacob a knife
  • If the SHU Fits… – Activate the SHU
  • Without A Paddle – Survive The Pipe
  • Crash Site – Return to the crashed ship
  • In the Pipe, Five by Five – Enter the hangar
  • Power Up – Restores energy
  • What Lies Beneath – Find the Source
  • Full Circle – Go back to the first cell

And when it comes to trophies and other news… know that PlayStation has banned “junk games” to get easy Platinums on the PS Store. Trophy hunters are in mourning.

Well what… Are you ready for The Callisto Protocol? Well, warm up for the game with its particular prequel… a horror podcast narrated by an old acquaintance from Game of Thrones. We remember that she arrives at PS5, Xbox Series X|S Y pc by the hand of Striking Distance Studios.

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