Nintendo Switch Sports receives the long-awaited update that adds golf on November 29

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Soon you will be able to start making holes in one. Nintendo Switch Sports is finally going to receive the update that incorporates golf as a new sport. At the end of the month it will be ready for your arrival.

Nintendo Switch Sports It has been one of the great games that the Japanese company has launched during this 2022 on its beloved hybrid console. In the middle of the year, many experienced again what it was like to play sports in their classrooms.

The heir of WiiSports Y Wii Sports Resort It has sold like hotcakes throughout the globe and has managed to incorporate to Switch those same sensations experienced years ago through very well optimized controls.

However, despite that, many players have found that six sports were a little short (especially after what was seen in Sports Resort). The Volleythe Bowlingthe chambarathe Footballthe Badminton and the Tennis They began to show some fatigue as the months went by.



Therefore, Nintendo Switch Sports players were looking forward to the release of the promised update that would incorporate golf as a new sport. This one has been long overdue, but it’s finally here.

Nintendo has revealed that it will be on November 28 when the Golf arrives to Nintendo Switch Sports for free in an update that will bring more content. We tell you what this sport will add to the game.

Golf in the game will consist of 21 holes already known by the most veteran players of the Wii Sports saga. In addition, it will offer some different modes such as Survival, where the worst players will be eliminated in something similar to what is seen with bowling. It will also be possible to play in a more relaxed way in modes with friends and family.

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Get the clubs ready on Nintendo Switch Sports

What do you think of this update? It is clear that golf was a success in the past and made many players fall for the Nintendo Wii proposal. Will it repeat the success? Do you think this update comes too late to the game.

If you still do not know Nintendo Switch Sports in depth, you can always take a look at our analysis, where we value the game like this:

Its simple straight forward fun formula still works very well and the sports collection is very attractive. Ideal for multiplayer at home, although logically it is no longer as revolutionary as it was 16 years ago.

If sports are cool to you, you can always take a look at the best soccer and sports games of 2022, according to the HobbyConsolas staff. Will you be returning to Nintendo Switch Sports with this update?

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