God of War Ragnarok director wants to work on a new Castlevania

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Does the director of God of War Ragnarok want to make a Castlevania? God of War Ragnarok director wants to make a Castlevania. These have been the statements of Eric Williams:

Castlevania? Everybody’s still watching God of War Ragnarok given the excellent result that the game has given and therefore, right now, the words of its director, are extremely interesting. And it just so happens that Eric Williams has been very talkative lately.

We have already commented in the past weeks that Santa Monica Studio has several projects in production, although the nature of none is not known. It has even been commented that Eric Williams would not mind if the company was dedicated entirely to God of War.

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Well, the director doesn’t think it’s a bad idea to radically change scenery and it’s because he has spoken with Kinda Funny Games where he said that he would be delighted to develop a new Castlevania as his next game.

Williams joked that he got himself in trouble for saying that, but insisted that fans have the power to “make it happen.” “You guys can make it happen, because you have the audience of the world here… I don’t know what I’ll do next, but if someone gives me that castlevania license we would love to make it“.

Castlevania next to Santa Monica Studio and God of War Ragnarok style?

Would you like Castlevania to return and nothing more and nothing less than the creators of God of War Ragnarok? We remember that the Konami franchise has been inactive for almost a decade, being Lords of Shadow 2, a game that was released in 2014, the last of the main line.

The possibility is there even though it seems unlikely. Konami has been giving more licenses to external studios to work on their great sagas. The most recent case is Bloober Team with Silent Hill 2 Remake.

Y the castlevania saga itself and its latest game have been the work of the Spanish studio Mercury Steam. Only the future will tell us what plans Santa Monica Studio or Konami have. Would you like to see that possibility come true?

If you like the vampire saga, do not hesitate to take a look at the latest that has been discovered just a month ago. Images of the canceled port of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for the Tiger Game handheld have surfaced.

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