Alien Isolation sequel could be in development

Deponia and two other free games this week on the Epic Games Store, Alien Isolation next week

The Xenomorphs are back! A new Alien survival horror game could be out next year, and a sequel to Alien Isolation could also be in the works.

the movie saga alien, started by Ridley Scott in 1979, has led to numerous sequels, comics, and video games. There have been over a dozen games based on the xenomorphs, but none have been as well received as Alien IsolationCreative Assembly’s 2014 survival horror.

Since then, there have been other games in the franchise, such as the recent multiplayer Aliens Fireteam Elite, and an isometric perspective tactical shooter, Aliens Dark Descent, is coming out next year.

However, those looking for a new Alien survival horror game that will make us all dread, like Ellen Ripley in the Nostromo, will just have to wait a bit, because there might be two new games of that style underway… including Alien Isolation 2.


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Insider Gaming He claims to have seen documents of a new Alien game, codenamed “Marathon”, in development for the current generation of consoles (PS5, Xbox Series X and PC) and AAA budget.

Although they don’t give more information, it’s probably the Aliens game announced this summer by Survios, a single player action and horror game for PC, consoles… and virtual reality. The game would take inspiration from dead space or Resident Evil.

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On the other hand, Insider Gaming affirms that, according to its sourcesthe sequel to Alien Isolation it would be presenting right now, or even already in development.

Presumably developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega, like the 2014 game, which was a huge critical and sales success, and was even ported to Switch in 2019.

It should be remembered that Creative Assembly, in addition to focusing on the Total War saga (which has nothing to do with survival horror) announced a new IP last summer, an online shooter called Hyenas.

Unfortunately, there is no more information in this field. What is certain is that a new Alien game was announced last summerthat of Survios, for PC, consoles and VR… although it is from a studio specialized in VR games that has rarely worked with AAA budgets.

Between this Survios game, the isometric Aliens Dark Descent, the Hulu series, and the Fede Álvarez film, 200th Century Studios (now part of Disney) is revitalizing the Alien franchise, both on film and TV and in video games. . And if the rumors are true, sooner or later we will have an Alien Isolation 2…

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