Playtonic sets a release date for the adorable Lil Gator, a 3D platformer "wholesome" for Switch and Steam

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Lil Gator, an adorable adventure game published by Playtonic Games (Yooka-Laylee) confirms release on December 14 for Nintendo Switch and Steam, and with a 30% launch offer.

playtonic friendsthe publishing label founded by Playtonic Games (the creators of Yooka Laylee) have announced the release date of Lil Gator, one of their most anticipated and cute games, which will be exclusive to Nintendo Switch and Steam: it comes out on December 14.

At launch, there will be a 30% offer, so if you reserve it after December 1 you can get it for €13.65.

Developed by Megawobble, Lil Gator is a game of 3D adventures and platforms in an open world, an island that we can explore with ease, talking to the other animals and participating in different mini-games.

In addition, they have confirmed that since the launch it is verified as compatible for Steam Deckso you can play it on the Valve PC console.


Lil Gator – Launch Trailer

Launch trailer for the adorable Lil Gator:

Lil Gator is one of those games”wholesome” with an adorable and childlike aspect, but designed more for players of all ages, who are looking for a calm game that does not punish them, “an antidote for these dark times.”

Therefore, those who seek challenges better look for other games, since in Lil Gator we do not even have a life bar, which will encourage us to explore without fear also by heights or by the sea.

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Playtonic Games, the studio that created the two Yooka-Laylee games, founded its publishing label, Playtonic Friends, in 2021. They have already released four indie games: Demon Turf, BPM: Bullers Per Minute, A Little Golf Journey and Blossom Tales 2.

Recently, Tencent invested capital in Playtonic, a minority stake that has allowed it to strengthen its work as a publisher without neglecting game development… although at the moment we still don’t know what it will be what’s next for Yooka and Layleethe couple who were born as spiritual successors to Banjo-Kazooie (the studio was founded by ex-Rare).

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