Astro City Mini V unboxing and testing.  The console for crazy shooters!

Astro City Mini V unboxing and testing. The console for crazy shooters!

Did you think that the madness for mini consoles was finished for this year? No folks, did SEGA still have another ace up its sleeve after Mega Drive Mini 2? We introduce you AstroCity Mini Vhis new device that honors the arcade classics and that it takes over from that Astro City that we already saw in 2019.

On this occasion, we have an almost identical replica of the astro city furniture, as was the case with the first model, but the screen has a vertical orientation, instead of horizontal. Why? Well, because the vast majority of 23 games included in memory They are vertical shooters. Lifelong matamarcianos, wow.

And they are not just any little games, no. Classics are included as Terra Cresta, the two Truxtons or Fire Shark, to name a few. Of course, it is clear that it is a console designed for those who are very, very fans of this wonderful genre, because except for a couple of games, all the others are about shooting enemy ships like crazy.

In the moment of its launch in Japan, this SEGA console was highly criticizedmainly, by a notorious “input lag” (the delay between when you press a button and an action is executed on the screen) that made many of these titles almost unplayable, since they are based on almost millimeter precision.

To our relief, it seems that this version that arrives in the West does not have that problem, as we see in the initial tests that we have done.

What can take away your sleep is its price: Limited Run sells it for $ which you have to add the shipping costs and import duties from the US, so the joke can easily cost you 200 euros.

So, already having the unboxing that you can see at the top of this page, it is clear that Astro City Mini V is reserved purely for shooter purists and hardware collectors, but if that theme is your thing, here it is. to pass “booombas, bombs, what’s up?”.





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