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How ties are resolved in Marvel Snap

What happens when there is a tie in Marvel Snap? This is how ties are resolved, when we both have the same number of points in a location.

Marvel Snapthe mobile card game from the director of Hearthstone, has matches that last a couple of minutes of the most addictive, in which all the heroes and villains of Marvel fight to conquer three locations.

The objective of the combats is to add the highest possible number of points in 3 locationsalong the 6 turns. Each card has more or less points, but the key is to use the special powers of the heroes strategically to multiply the points, subtract the opponent’s…

In the end, the one who conquers the most locations wins, that is, the one who has the most points in each location at the end of the 6 turns: winning 3 or 2 locations works well. but what happens In case of a tieif in a location we both have the same points?


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This is how ties are resolved in Marvel Snap

In the event that a player wins one location each, and the third location is tied, each player with the same number of points breaks the tie. adding the total points of all locations.

That is, if you have won a location with 12 points, you have lost another with 4 points, and the other is tied at 6 points, your total points add up to 22. If it is a number greater than the rival’s sum of points, you will win.

These tiebreakers are always counted adding up ALL the locationsso it is important to always get the highest score possible, even when you have given up a location as lost.

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But the sum of points is something that always happens, not just to break a tie. If the tie occurs in each turn, whoever has the most points on the table, among the three locations, will show his cards first.

That may not matter, but it can also be an advantage if you’ve cast cards whose effects can neutralize your opponent’s, like Cosmo, which prevents your opponent’s cards from having an effect; or modify the locations, like Scarlet Witch, which randomly changes the locations.

For more information about Marvel Snap, here we explain the use of the best cards to start playing, credits and gold, how to get credits quickly, the best method to get cards and how to raise the collection level. Remember that Marvel Snap is free to play on iOS and Android.





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