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The creator of Marvel Snap shares his favorite card and decks…take note!

Ben Brode, director of Marvel Snap, has shared very valuable information for players of the popular free card game that is taking mobile by storm. This is his favorite card… and watch out because he has also revealed three very interesting decks.

Marvel Snap is sweeping the fans of the House of Ideas. The mobile free to play has allowed us to experience a truly addictive proposal within the genre of card games which has become an addiction for many.

Playing a few games of Marvel Snap is not bad at all, since it is an easy game to understand, with many possibilities and relatively generous with players who are not willing to fall into the microtransaction business.

The possibility of applying unexpected strategies against rivals using Marvel heroes is a great incentive. In recent weeks we have been telling you which are the best cards to start playing in Marvel Snap, but now we have been able to know the opinion of an expert.

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The strategies of the director of Marvel Snap

We say this because Ben Brode, lead developer of Marvel Snap, has been talking to IGN on what are your favorite cards and decks that you are currently using in your game. The director’s favorite card is Mysterio. Why?

Brode commented that Mysterio was one of the first cards the Marvel Snap team worked on four years ago. Of course, the potential of the card is also important. When you play Mysterio, it’s a five power card for two energy. very powerfulcommented.

But he disguises himself, and he plays two other disguises in the other places, so your opponent doesn’t know where you played Mysterio. They only see three cards with the question mark on it. Very useful to mislead.

As for the decks that the creator of the game uses… We have one that goes overboard in doubling power in an extraordinary way with Iron Man, Onslaught and Omega Red. You have an enormous amount of power in one place because Omega Red has five points, Iron Man doubles it, and then Onslaught doubles twice that again.

Another deck he uses (pretty disgusting for the opponent, it must be said) is based on Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus and Polaris. The third one that is testing is one with Beast and Falcon that manage to return cards and reduce their cost.

Best method to get cards in Marvel Snap

Marvel SnapMarvel Snap

Know that Ben Brode is the former director of Hearthstone, so he has plenty of experience when it comes to card games. Do you want to get the most out of the game? Do not hesitate to know how to get gold and credits in Marvel Snap.





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