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The definitive cosplay of Kratos and Atreus that commemorates the launch of God of War Ragnarok in style

God of War Ragnarok has already been released and fans are paying tribute to Kratos and Atreus: One of the best ways to do it is with this piece of cosplay that Maul has marked.

It is clear that Kratos Y Atreus are the heroes of the moment with the launch of god of war ragnarok. The long-awaited game from Santa Monica Studio for PS5 and PS4 has already been released and many are enjoying the adventures of father and son.

The end of the world is already taking place on many PlayStation consoles and it does not happen every day the release of games in the God of War series. As the occasion well deserves, many fans are paying homage to the recent installment.

And indeed, one of the best ways to forcefully bow down to Kratos and Atreus is dedicate a cosplay to them and… what a cosplay!. German professional cosplayer Maul has unleashed the madness again with his latest post. Take a look:

The god of cosplay pays tribute to the god of war with God of War Ragnarok

In this case, Maul has joined the cosplayer Korriban to form this duet, where the resemblance to Aterus is also very successful. What do you think of this cosplay set? Eye that has a trick. Do you see where it is?

Well, despite the great size and wingspan of Maul, the truth is that Kratos cosplay has also had to make him get more muscle in the form of a prosthesis and it is that the Spartan veins are not easy to obtain. Without a doubt, a really good job to bring the god of war to life.

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Are you playing God of War Ragnarok? Of course, do not hesitate to consult our analysis in the second in case you have not been able to know God of War Ragnarok in depth, a game that we have evaluated as follows:

A work of art, both in the narrative aspects and in the construction of the Nine Kingdoms and all the improvements that are incorporated into the combat system. It is a sequel at the height of a god, capable of moving us and making us tremble with the fury of Kratos.

If you haven’t installed the game yet, know that God of War Ragnarok has received Update 2.0 with over 100 changes and fixes just before release. You can check the patch notes.

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