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The best cards to start playing in Marvel Snap

These are the best cards to start playing Marvel Snap, which you will receive shortly after starting the game, in your starting deck and up to collection level 14, before reaching Pool 1.

Marvel Snap is the new vice from the creators of Hearthstone, a card game with hundreds of heroes and villains from the Marvel multiverse, available for free on mobile iOS and Android.

Hearthstone director Ben Brode founded the Second Dinner studio and took over the Marvel license, which he is putting to good use, with hundreds of thousands of cards and variants based on Marvel heroes and villains: Captain America, Iron Man, Doctor Doom, Abomination, Wolverine

It’s easy to get cards in Marvel Snap. Although the rarity of the cards does not affect their power, it will increase your collection level, which is how you get new cards and increase your pool (or the level of cards you will get).

And despite the enormous amount of letters that there are (150 different cards, not counting aesthetic variants) there are many cards that come up frequently in early games.


Marvel Snap – Trailer and Presentation

Best Cards for Beginners in Marvel Snap

Though We’ll all start with the same cardsAs we progress, the cards we receive in Marvel Snap are random, as the collection level rises. However, there is an ordering by “sacks”, or pools. From collection level 18 (and up to 214) we will arrive at pool 1, and we will receive random cards from a selection of 46 cards different.

Although they are the “starter” cards, and many cards are reserved for the highest set levels (between levels 222 and 474 and up), there is a good variety of cards, some powerful, and others with effects. that allow different strategies.

We will first start by looking at the letters we received from the starting deck and in the first levels of collection (1-14), before moving on to see the best cards for start playing marvel snap:

Starting Deck Cards

  • hawk eye
  • Misty Knight
  • quicksilver
  • jellyfish
  • shocker
  • star lord
  • cyclops
  • The Punisher
  • The Things
  • abomination
  • Hombre de Hierro
  • Hulk

First cards of the collection level

  • Jessica Jones
  • Ka-Tsar
  • Mr.Fantastic
  • spectrum
  • Nightcrawler
  • wolfsbane
  • white-tiger
  • Odin

Best starting cards in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap

All players will have obtained 20 cards shortly after starting the game. But which are the best? We have selected some especially useful cards from these starters, and also some from Pool 1 that you will receive as you level up your collection from level 18 to 222.

  • Mr.Fantastic: Although it only has 2 power, it adds +2 power to adjacent locations, so it is very useful to put it in the middle
  • Hombre de Hierro: Has 0 power, but doubles the total power of a location. Used on the last turn can be devastating
  • Jessica Jones: Very useful in the first turns. Put it on a location and you gain 4 power, vacate the location next turn… and you gain +4 power
  • Hulk/Abomination: They have no effect, but it is one of the most devastating cards in the first deck, with 12/9 power respectively.
  • white-tiger: Even though it only has 1 power, it adds a 7 power tiger to a random location
  • odin: Perfect to combine with White Tiger or other effect cards, as it reactivates all the effects of the other cards in the location. Since it has a cost of 6, you should save it for the last few turns.
  • star lord: One bet: If you think your opponent is going to play a card to that location this turn (for example, if they are losing to that location), then putting Star-Lord will earn you +3 points.
  • carnival: It only has 2 power, but can gain +2 power for each card you have at the location… upon destroying it. If your cards had no desired effects, or if you filled the location with low power cards, it may be an option-
  • Scarlet Witch: We recommend having this card in all of your decks, because it randomly replaces a location. Very useful if you get locations that make you lose points… and if you like chaos.
  • Uatu the Watcher: If you get this card from Pool 1, it will allow you to see the unrevealed locations. Always have it in your deck!
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In short, the order in which you receive them will be random, but all players will have more or less the same cards, and when they reach collection level 214 they will have the same cards. In this way, online games are balanced (because it matches you with players from the same pool).

For more information on Marvel Snap, here we explain the use of credits and gold, how to get credits quickly, the best method to get cards and how to increase the collection level. Remember that Marvel Snap is free to play on iOS and Android.





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