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Nintendo will establish a joint venture with DeNA, a company specializing in mobile software development

Nintendo and DeNA announce a joint venture operation that will be consolidated on April 3, 2023, in order to support the development of mobile software in the Japanese company.

Nintendo just gave a step forward in its race towards the mobile software market. For years there has been an approach with titles such as Mario Kart Tour, Fire Emblem Heroes or Super Mario Run. But that’s not the thing… far from it.

This morning we have known the excellent sales data for Nintendo Switch, which already exceeds 114 million consoles sold. Now the Big N wants to strengthen its niche in the iOS and Android market.

In the financial report a future operation between Nintendo and its main partner in the mobile sector is established. We are talking about the development company Welcome.


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DeNA has been working with Nintendo since 2015being in charge of managing the infrastructures, services and hardware/software accounts of the Big N on different platforms.

In this way, a joint-venture operation between Nintendo and DeNA was born, which will be consolidated next year. April 3, 2023. What can we make clear of this movement?

Improvement in Nintendo’s services and infrastructure… and something else

In the statement it is reported that Nintendo and DeNA will form a joint venturewhose consolidation will take place on April 3, 2023.

DeNA thus closes its approach to Nintendo after years working side by side on Fire Emblem Heroes, Mario Kart Tour, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp or Super Mario Run. This company handles manage the infrastructure and service of the Big N in the mobile sector.

The objective is to reinforce the digitization of Nintendo services, as well as creating new value-added services and structures. In short, it is one more step to strengthen Nintendo’s position.

nintendo switch online

The truth is that this operation is based on an existing commercial alliance between Nintendo and DeNA since 2015. Now they will establish a new company within the organization chart.

To deliver this experience holistically, Nintendo is working to maintain and expand its relationship with consumers primarily through the Nintendo Account.”.

Nintendo has announced that the operation will not be reflected under any term in the results of the current fiscal year 22-23 (which closes in March), but will enter the next.

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Today we have also known another outstanding news within Nintendo: the France, Iberian and Benelux divisions will be reorganized within Nintendo Europewhose headquarters are in Berlin (Germany).

What do you think of this association? Will we see substantial improvements in the Switch Online mobile app? Surely in 2023 (and years to come) the fruits of this operation between Nintendo and your quintessential mobile partner.





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