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How to unlock Lady Dimitrescu and Heisenberg in Resident Evil Village Mercenaries

The two star characters of Resident Evil Village arrive in Mercenaries mode with Resident Evil Village Gold Edition and in this guide we will tell you how you can unlock them without any problem.

Heisenberg and Lady Dimitrescu are a great addition to the Mercenary mode of Resident Evil Village and two of the main characters in the story. Especially, the vampiric lady has generated quite a stir, so it stands to reason that you would want to unlock her.

Well, now that Resident Evil Village Gold Edition is here, we leave you the way to unlock both characters, as well as our analysis of the Winters expansion, the final chapter of the family with Rose as the protagonist:


Resident Evil Village Gold, analysis of the expanded edition with the new story of Rose and other extras

How to unlock Lady Dimitrescu and Heisenberg in Resident Evil Village Mercenaries

  • Unlock Heisenberg: Get an A rank or higher in all normal stages.
  • Unlock Lady Dimitrescu: Get an S rank or higher in Blood River.

In the case of being new to Mercenaries, to unlock the normal episodes you must complete each stage with a B rank or higher and to unlock Blood River you must complete all five stages.

Please note that you do not need to complete the episodes on hard mode. This is how to get unlock Heisenberg and Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village Mercenaries. Craving for more?

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Here we leave you our analysis of Resident Evil 8 Village and the guide to discover the Easter eggs in the prologue and fulfill a secret challenge. And we tell you how to unlock the Mercenaries mode and the solution to the puzzle of the statues of RE8.

When it comes to collectibles we have helped you find all the goats, all the weapon parts, the toilets and the breakable windows. We have also told you how to complete the necklace with two holes and the Heisenberg hammer treasure.

Very important that you know how to get infinite ammo for all weapons and how to overcome the lucky 7 challenge. Likewise the requirements to achieve the SSS qualification in the mercenary mode.

if you are looking for more Resident Evil 8 Village guides and cheats, we leave you the key to the padlock in the master’s house and where to find the Wolfsbane magnum revolver. Here you have the combination of the lock on the locked house in the Dimitrescu village and for those who want to find all the secrets of the game how to find and defeat the ancient beast.





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