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Fortnite continues to set trends with its new collaboration with Polo Ralph Lauren

Fortnite returns to present an unexpected collaboration, this time with the fashion brand Polo Ralph Lauren, which has already been seen in a trailer offering many details.

It’s been years since it became clear that Fortnite was much more than a fad, but right now, Epic Games’ battle royale continues to show that it’s up to date… We’re talking about fashion in terms of clothing, because in this, the play also have something to say about it.

Epic Games has presented the new collaboration of Fortnite with Polo Ralph Lauren. The fashion brand will be seen in the game with a ralph lauren stadium 1992 inspired collectionthe clothing line focused on car racing and aviation

This set of skins will be available in the Fortnite item shop from Sunday, November 6, 2022 at 01:00 CET and it has already been seen in the following trailer. What do you think?


Fortnite x Polo Ralph Lauren – New Collaboration Trailer

The collaboration of Fortnite with Ralph Lauren in detail

This unique union presents us with a good compendium of cosmetic items that you can now study. The two main skins are Polo Prodigy and Hero Stadium 1992. They both have different styles.

Besides, these incorporate other extras that we leave you here. And watch out, because as usual, Fortnite incorporates the possibility of getting these skins ahead of time in the game with a tournament that we also leave you here.

  • Backpacking accessory Sports backpack style Red, white and blue.
  • Stadium Collector’s Pickaxe
  • Hang glider Surcador Stadium
  • Backpacking accessory P-Wing Backpack
  • Peak Taco 1992
  • Victory Colors emote
  • Loading screen Back in the game

The Zero Build solo tournament will be available on November 4 for a chance to unlock the Stadium Hero 1992 and Polo Prodigy outfits early. If you get eight points you get the Colors of Victory emote for free, something quite simple to achieve.

Remember that depending on the position in which you finish the game and the eliminations achieved, you will be able to get more points in this tournament that seems demanding, but not impossible, which consists of ten games that can be played during a period of three hours.

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Just yesterday it was also announced that Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia are coming to Fortnite in a new collaboration with Star Wars. Of course, the game is still in top shape and more and more brands, franchises and sagas are adding to its already extensive list of collaborations.

Font: Epic Games





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