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Netflix buys its sixth video game studio, the creators of Cozy Grove

Netflix continues to expand its video game division by buying a new studio, Spry Fox, which explains how this will affect Cozy Grove 2.

Netflix continues to line up for its ambitious plans in the world of video games by announcing the purchase of a new indie studio.

Spry Foxcreators of Alphabear, Road not Taken and more recently Cozy Grove, becomes part of Netflix, as the sixth video game studio of the entertainment company (its last opening was a studio based on streaming games in California, led by a former Blizzard).


Spry Fox is Netflix’s sixth video game studio

On the website of Spry FoxSeattle developers explain what this will mean for the studio’s games, including the confirmed Cozy Grove 2.

His current projects will continue to be developed, and although Cozy Grove 2 will presumably be exclusive to Netflix, the first, as well as all his games, will not be removed from other platforms, such as Switch.

In addition to Cozy Grove 2, they were working on a new biggest MMOand non-violent, in collaboration with Epic Online Services and using the Unreal Engine.

We can continue to make the games we want to make, but with more support and resources, without stressing about whether they will be profitable, instead of just making them as enjoyable as possible.“.

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Cozy Grove is the sixth development studio for Netflix Games. In addition to the cloud-based gaming studio they opened this month in Southern California, and another original in-house studio (both led by ex-Blizzard and Zynga exes), they own Night School Studios (Oxenfree), Next Games, and Boss Fight. Entertainment.

Currently, Netflix already has several dozen games in its subscription, all of them free without micropayments or ads. These are all the Netflix games currently available – there are gems like Moonlighterand soon they will arrive Spiritfarer either Raji an Ancient Epic.

On the other hand, Netflix is ​​making allies, including Exploding Kittens Y Ubisoftwhich will make them three exclusive games, including a All-new Assassin’s Creed for mobile.

In the past Summer Game Fest, Netflix announced many games based on its own series, such as The Money Heist either queen’s gambit.





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