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Alexelcapo also offends the Latin American community: "They’re too busy dodging slashes"

Alexelcapo justifies a joke about Latam as “taken out of context” as a result of the controversy over the ESLAND: “Those from Latam cannot write, they are too busy dodging knife blows.”

alexelcapo joins the controversy over the esland galato be held in Mexico in January 2023, by making a joke in which he says that “Latin Americans are too busy dodging knife blows- They are fighting for their lives, how are they going to write in a chat?”.

The clip was shared by the user @Dakidzs_ lamenting that make fun of insecurity of a region because he finds it very funny without empathizing for a moment with a good part of his own spectators.

Alexelcapo responded to the tweet accusing him of being taken out of context: “I love how he tries to make me feel bad when the funny thing about the joke is that I exaggerate a stupid situation on twitter to the point of absurdity“.

A few hours later, Alexelcapo published another tweet where, far from qualifying his words as Rubius and Auronplay tried to do, he victimized himself and stressed that he does not plan to go to Latin America:

The truth is that between yesterday and today I have changed a lot my opinion about going to Latam, you have sold it to me great with 20 thousand insults and threats. fancy.”

Neither Alexelcapo, nor AuronPlay nor Rubius will go to ESLAND

All of this comes as a result of esland awardsan awards gala for streamers from the entire Spanish-speaking community: Spanish and Latin Americans (and Andorrans), which in its second edition is approaching the Latin community by taking the gala to Mexico City.

However, two of the biggest Spanish streamers, elRubius and Auronplay, said they are not going to go, and in a way that outraged a large part of the Latin community, in a burlesque tone where they did not hide their laziness for having to move to another continent.

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Ibai Llanos, for his part, has won the hearts of Latin American fans by dropping that he will go to Mexico to the gala held in January. The Grefg will also go (he is the organizer and presenter).

Some users have taken Alexelcapo’s black humor with more or less enthusiasm, and although no one is obliged to go to Mexico to a gala, but many agree that they should show, if not solidarity when approaching them, then more humility and respect with the millions of Latam followers that Spanish streamers have.





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