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Phil Spencer believes that the metaverse is "a poorly built game" and wants to treat Call of Duty like Minecraft to see a delivery on Switch

Xbox’s top manager, Phil Spencer, has spoken out about the metaverse assuring that it is a poorly built game and has been giving hints about the possible future of Call of Duty.

phil spencerboss of Xbox, is one of the biggest personalities in the video game industry and it’s quite common to hear him talk about a number of issues surrounding the world and its current affairs.

The views of the CEO of Xbox are widely heard by those interested in gaming and. fortunately, Spencer isn’t usually shy about speaking her mind. and in showing their opinion on a number of topics, including those that generate the most noise.


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And one of those issues is metaverse, which doesn’t seem to finish booting up hard. Phil Spencer has explained in some statements collected by the journalist Tom Warren the reason for this situation:

Today is a poorly built video gameassured. Building a metaverse right now that’s like a living room, that’s not how I want to spend my time. What I see in the world of the metaverse is that we are in an early stage and this will evolve.

Spencer’s words seem to hit the nail on the head with many other opinions released by users across the globe. For example, Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse with Facebook is seemingly empty and full of ‘sad’ worlds.

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Phil Spencer weighs in on the future of Call of Duty on and off Xbox

But the director of the games division of microsoft He has also commented on a matter that is sure to be of great interest to the players of Call of Dutya franchise that is constantly being talked about due to the purchase of Activision Blizzard.

The possible exclusivity of Call of Duty on Xbox has been discussed long and hard, but Spencer has made it clear again and has launched an interesting idea that may seem a bit crazy, but that may be the future of the war saga.

Call of Duty will be available specifically on PlayStation. I would love to see it on Switch, I would love to see the game playable on many different screens. Our intention is to treat CoD like MinecraftSpencer claimed.

This opportunity is really all about mobile for us. When you think of 3 billion people who play video games, there are only about 200 million households with a console, He added about the company’s expansion plans in terms of gaming.

This is directly related to the figures seen in Microsoft’s fiscal report yesterday. The sale of Xbox consoles has grown by 13% and Game Pass PC users by 159% compared to last year; content and services down 3%.





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