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Blizzard is back in the spotlight for Overwatch 2 and an unfortunate custom game mode that simulates sexual assault

Overwatch 2 has been the platform chosen by a player to create a custom game mode where a sexual assault could be recreated. This has put the focus back on Blizzard and the recent controversies related to this matter.

Overwatch 2 It has been very well received by the gaming community. Being free to play, many have flocked to the competitive hero shooter proposal of Blizzardwhich offers plenty of possibilities with all kinds of game modes.

When we say all types we mean precisely that. In Overwatch 2 you can create custom games where users unleash all their creativity. The problem is when some of the ideas go too far, as is the case we are dealing with today.


Overwatch 2 – Halloween 2022 event

The unfortunate mode of Overwatch 2 that has outraged many

It has recently been reported about a custom game mode in Overwatch 2 that allows its participants simulate a sexual assaulta sad reminder of everything that has been related to Activision Blizzard and the company’s unfortunate behavior with many of its workers.

In fact, this mode seems to be made with a grudge against these events, since it only allows play as cassidy (formerly known as Jesse McGree, Blizzard employee involved in this scandal).

The victim in this mode is marked “Pregnant” and a Torbjorn is even spawned to simulate a baby. This is version 1.2 of the new and exclusive Sexual Harassment Simulator. Find new friends, live a normal life and give birth to a childcomment out the mode description.

Everything is in woeful bad taste here. The mode tells you to use the flash bomb to take down “your victims” and to do “Tbag to fuck”. When crouching the text refers to the downed character as it says “raping”…

Apparently this mode is attributed to YouTube user Amatsuhikone. The custom game, although it is not known if the creator of said game mode has been banned by the company.

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Inappropriate or explicit content has absolutely no place in our gamecommented the Blizzard spokesman to pc gamer. We immediately removed the user-created game mode once we became aware of its existence. We are continually working to improve automatic filters to prevent inappropriate content.

We do not know if this mode has been created as a complaint against Blizzard for its actions or as a macabre joke with a subject that should not be joked about. Of course, +18 custom modes are not unusual to see in Overwatch.

Meanwhile, truly enjoyable modes have made their way into the game. Halloween is here in Overwatch 2 with a new PvE mode and the return of the Junkenstein’s Revenge event.





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