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Solve the puzzles of Scorn act 4

A tough boss battle awaits you in Act 4 of Scorn… but first you must solve the maze puzzle. In this guide we help you solve this difficult puzzle.

We continue to discover the horrors of scorn, the Ebb Software exclusive for Microsoft platforms (Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S and PC) that drinks from the bizarre art of HR Giger. If you’ve made it this far, it means you’ve already completed the first three acts.

After a simple but somewhat confusing act 1, in act 2 we discover the healing mechanics in the specific stations. In the third act we finally got the gun.


Scorn Analysis

As we progress, the puzzles in Scorn get even more complicated… but the main problem is the enemies. Our slow protagonist is at the mercy of all kinds of horrors.

If you’re stuck on act 4 and you don’t know how to solve the maze puzzlethen we leave you with the solution to overcome it and reach the end point of this stretch of history.

How to solve the maze puzzle

Scorn act 4 is a nightmare by the large number of enemies That we meet. Fortunately we already have the gun and we know how to heal ourselves, but it is of little use when you face these monsters taken from the art of HR Giger.

We recommend using stealth or trying to mislead enemies (either by hiding or throwing decoys). Only then can you reach the trunk puzzle of act 4 of Scorn.

We present the maze of white and orange lights. It is one of the most complex puzzles in the game, represented on three monitors and that we must complete to advance in this act.


Basically in each monitor we find a white light and the goal, represented with an orange light. The objective is reach the orange light while moving the cursor (white light) with the mouse or the joystick.

White light can be driven up, down, left and right, either on a single monitor or across the entire path. We will distinguish between Maze 1, Maze 2 and Maze 3.

Follow this sequence to the letter to solve the Scorn Act 4 puzzle:

  1. Maze 1 : Up, Right, Down, Down, Left, Down, Down, Right, Right, Up
  2. Stand under the orange light
  3. Maze 2 : Down, Right, Right, Down
  4. Maze 3 : Right, Up, Up
  5. Maze 1 : Up
  6. Maze 3: Up, Left, Left
  7. Maze 2 : Left, Down

If it is easier for you, here we leave you the direct route without dividing it into steps: down, move the light to bottom center, then bottom right, then top right, and finally out.

eye, keep in mind that the only way out is in the maze 2. The other two have no way out, although if you prefer not to follow the sequence above you will have to practice the classic trial and error over and over again.


Once you have overcome the puzzle of the labyrinth, you will reach a huge room… where a final boss awaits you. Forget about attacking this abomination, because it is impossible to defeat it with shots from our weapons.

The only way to get through this battle is activate the bridges (with their respective mechanisms) towards the boss. In each bridge we can get an item that will allow us to escape from the level.

Keep in mind the latter, and above all try to turn in circles to avoid being hit for the creature. If you do it right you will have gotten rid of the boss sooner than you think, and you can continue to act 5.

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Remember that Scorn is available from October 14 on Game Pass (PC and consoles), Xbox Series X|S and Steam. It is one of the most particular works we have seen in a long time.

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