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Fortnite Nightmare before the storm 2022: how to start playing Escape Rooms

This is exactly what you must do to sign up for the Fortnitemares 2022 escape rooms, and get all the rewards.

Within fortnite season 4 we have the relevant Halloween challenges, known as the Nightmare Before the Storm, and that in this 2022 edition for the Battle Royale, the development team Epic Games has included a series of escape rooms that you must solve through a web page to get a lot of cosmetic rewards.

And it is that unlike other years, now Epic Games for the Halloween season of its battle royale has wanted to include within Fortnite season 4 a series of escape room tasks that you must solve on a web page to get really interesting cosmetics.

As there is a certain part of the community that has doubts about how to access these new Fortnitemares 2022 challengeswe tell you exactly how you can sign up and the rewards you can get.

It is not difficult to enjoy the challenges of Fortnite from Nightmare before the storm 2022, but since it has changed compared to other years, we are going to clarify it for you in this guide.


Fortnitemares 2022 – Gameplay Trailer

Fortnite Nightmare before the storm 2022: how to start playing Escape Rooms

As far as the event is concerned, it has already started and will be available until November 1, so you have more than enough time to overcome each of the challenges and get the rewards.

How to sign up for the event

To sign up for the Nightmare escape room event before the storm 2022 of Fortnite, you must access the official website of this game mode.

Once inside, you must click on “sign in” and enter the access credentials of your Epic Games account, the one you have been using on your console or computer to play Fortnite.

Once we have accessed, we can participate in all the challenges of the different escape rooms, having a total of four rooms, and four different rewards.

To keep track of all the challenges you are overcoming, you can check the statistics at any time, although keep in mind that they could take up to an hour to update.

The tasks given to you can only be completed in the battle royale and zero build game modes, but not in the others.

Once you’ve completed the tasks for one escape room, you’ll need to click on the second box below the room to see the tasks for the next room, continuing the process until you complete all four.


All rewards for beating Escape Room rooms

They are cosmetic rewards:

  • Reward for beating the first room: we will get the emoticon “so scary!”.
  • Reward for passing the second room: we will take 20,000 experience points.
  • Reward for passing the third room: we will take the cosmetic graffiti “tintculos”.
  • Reward for beating the fourth room: we will take the cosmetic wrapper called “night riot”.

They are quite simple challenges and they will not take too long, so do not forget to access that website and log in with your account to take the cosmetics.

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