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Nintendo withdraws the latest update of Nintendo Switch Sports for causing crashes and temporarily closes the servers

Version 1.2.1 of Nintendo Switch Sports was causing crashes, and Nintendo has pulled the update and shut down the servers while it finds a fix.

Nintendo Switch Sports was updated last wednesday version 1.2.1with few novelties, because it focused mainly on introducing new measures against “cheats”, preventing users from playing online if they detected “fraudulent behavior such as data manipulation”.

However, the update was not very well finished, because it has caused many errors in users who have downloaded it: the game would crash and return to the loading screen before playing a match, either online or offline.

As a result, Nintendo has suspended distribution of the update, and while they find a solution, they have disabled the Nintendo Switch Sports servers.



The problematic version 1.2.1 of Nintendo Switch Sports

A bug has been found in Nintendo Switch Sports update 1.2.1 that causes the game to crash on the loading screen before a match,” says Nintendo. “The bug affects both online and offline modes, and we have temporarily suspended the distribution of the update.”

This includes servers, online play and save data in the cloud: Everyone will become unavailable while they search for a solution to the problem.

This means that now you can only play locallyand not in World Game mode, not even against bots (so you won’t be able to progress through season passes until the issue is fixed)

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At least, at the time of writing this news, and despite the notice of Nintendothe game was also updated to version 1.2.1 automatically…

Stay tuned to the official Nintendo channels to find out when and how the game will be fixed: with the release (again) of version 1.2.1 fixed for users who haven’t downloaded it, and with a patch for those who already have. they had it

As we said before, this version 1.2.1 of Nintendo Switch Sports did not have any new content, beyond the anti-cheat measures and adding season passes for the coming months, which change every two weeks. For end of the year they are expected to launch in Golf as free DLC.





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