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Speculation around Death Stranding 2 soars after the latest photos published by Hideo Kojima

Although Death Stranding is available on PC, it was born as a game on PlayStation. Hideo Kojima could repeat the same strategy and after the latest photos seen on his social network, the alarms about Death Stranding 2 sound again.

We will see Death Stranding 2 sometime? Kojima Productions launched the game for PS4 exclusively and now the new photos of Hideo Kojima in SIE they are speculation fodder for fans.

It is true that after reaching the console of the last generation of Sony, the company released its Death Stranding Director’s Cut for PS5 two years later; and now that?

well what Kojima has met with Eric Lempel and Craig Malanka of Sony Interactive Entertainmentsince both are part as vice presidents of global marketing in the company.


Death Stranding: Director’s Cut – PC Launch Trailer

It may be that it is a visit with little other purpose than to meet, but that there is a figure of the game with the Kojima Productions flag right in the middle it burns the answers.

Although the latest news and developments in the game were its possible arrival on PC Game Pass and the anticipated surprises of the service, something that became official shortly after.

From this agreement we were able to get several things clear, one of them being that PlayStation had nothing to do with it. And that’s great, but what about the possible sequel to the game?

Death Stranding 2, or something unrelated playing cluelessness?

The sequel to the game with Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead) is already more than confirmed unofficially, but they have to see it confirmed by Kojima.

In May of this year, Norman Reedus confirmed that he was recording Death Stranding 2, something to which Kojima himself responded by showing that he was not happy at all.

What’s funnier about this thing is that the Death Stranding sequel may have been a Stadia exclusivebut Google canceled it.

The same company that is going to close its video game service in the cloud with controversy because the developers did not know it. And to top it off, a user will lose 6,000 hours of gameplay in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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While Death Stranding can be purchased on PS4, PS5 and PC (Epic Games and Steam), the community remains divided on the game with the balance between mastery and bewilderment.

If we add to that that the new Hideo Kojima might not be Death Stranding 2… but a horror game… turn off and let’s go. Although their first details were leaked, nothing is known about any of them.

do you think that Speculation surrounding Death Stranding 2 is unfounded by the latest photos posted by Hideo Kojima Or do you think we will see it announced in 2022?





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