Explora el Universo en Minecraft

Explore the Universe in Minecraft

Those who know me must already imagine the struggle that is taking place inside me right now. And it is that one part, the professional, pushes me to write this news, but another, the playful, asks me to open Minecraft and I get to explore this creation as soon as possible, that I dedicate as many hours to it as necessary and, if it is done during the day, then that I take it easy on Tuesday. Luckily I’m writing and I’m old enough to stay up all night for a game, but I’ll probably go to sleep thinking about it.

We have already spoken before, on occasion, that Minecraft besides a game is also a canvas. Or, to be more exact, a block building game, such as LEGO, TENTE, Meccano and the like. The creative mode (here we tell you about the different modes of Minecraft), either only with the game functions or using external tools (something necessary after a certain point), the apparent simplicity of the game, its blocks, physics and functions, are makes it a formidable platform for creation.

An example of this, and that left me open-mouthed a couple of years ago due to its exceptional quality, was the map that reproduced the world of Harry Potter, and also proposed an adventure that put us in the shoes of the young sorcerer. I still have nightmares when I think about the time it must have taken to create it, and it continues to amaze me the generosity practiced by the creator of it, by offering it for free.

And today we know of another project, already completed, equally fascinating, and whose presentation we can see in this video. And it is that ChrisDaCow, a popular creator of maps for Minecraft, and who has previously surprised us with other creations such as an impressive reproduction of The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, just posted a minecraft reproduction of the Known Universe.

In this case, yes, the map is paid, although its cost seems insignificant, and its creator offers his maps to those users who support him through Patreon. It offers a selection of his creations for two euros per month, and all of them, including the maps of the Universe and the reproduction of Van Gogh’s painting, for 4.50 euros per month. At this point, however, it is important to clarify that the maps are not a subscription service, so it is possible to register for a single month to download them, and then unsubscribe. This, of course, is left to the choice of each one.

The map has been created for Minecraft Java (remember that here we explain the differences between Java and Bedrock), but before you start to regret if you bought Bedrock at the time, also remember that with the arrival of Minecraft 1.19, Microsoft decided to give away the another to users who already had one of them. Namely, if you had Java, they give you Bedrock, and vice versa. And of course, those who buy it today will directly access the pack that includes both versions.

For the creation of the map, which ChrisDaCow says is the biggest challenge he has faced so far, worked on the project for two months full time, although we can understand that the previous planning could take additional time. And with that and everything, in view of both the level of detail, as well as the care put into maintaining the scale of part of its elements and, of course, its enormous volume, it has been able to create it in that period. Heck, I’m not a pro, but I’d probably have to spend a month just wondering if I could do it or not. Here we have, without a doubt, an example of a possibility that has been considered for some time, and that is Minecraft as a job.

For creation, obviously external tools have been used, such as the infallible WorldEdit, which allows you to create large areas with just a few commands. Otherwise, such a block-by-block creation could take years and therefore be mentally and even physically exhausting. In view of the images, the palpable proof that the effort has been worth it, and that, at least for a month (probably more, although as I said before that is a personal decision), I will be a patron of this creator. See you in a minecraft nebula!





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