This influencer has been uploading videos for a year and shows the differences when it comes to earning money on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

This influencer has been uploading videos for a year and shows the differences when it comes to earning money on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

An influencer shares the differences between income that TikTok, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram have given her for a year.

The Social networks are very different from each other, both to share moments and to generate money. And this influencer shows graphic proof of this when uploading videos to TikTok, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram very usually.

In a video posted on his tik tok channel talk about “If you’re curious, this is what the RRSS have paid me with 17 million followers.

I started exactly one year ago, my total views are 452 million and you can see I earn a few dollars every day which adds to my total earnings on TikTok about $3255“.


How much every platform pays me 🤫 @Creators Agency

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But after this he continues to say that it is better to wait until that is compared with other apps like YouTube. “I started posting videos on Facebook a few months ago and now I have 3.3 million followers“He kept commenting.

This makes sense since he has long been a familiar face behind the Chinese app and comments that “I have been given 3 payments: the first of $447, followed by another of $895 and and $1729 was the last and largest“.

The most curious thing about this is that they are the same ones that he publishes on TikTok. After that, it shows Instagram and its 4.1 million followers with 263 million visits.

Instagram pays some creators, but not if you have a few million followers“, after this reveals that the social network of Meta and Mark Zuckerberg has generated $0 in revenue for you.

The TikTok logo is already a reference in RRSS and Play Store / App Store

It’s YouTube’s turn with 753 thousand followers and now it says that it pays you differently if it’s a short or a long one. He shows the first example in a 29 second video with 1.8 million views and has earned him $3 in total.

This 12-minute feature has 2.3 million views and YouTube has paid me $35,000.So the difference is remarkable.

My total YouTube earnings and remember this is BEFORE taxes is $196k“, is how the video ends saying that he loves transparency with money.


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With anime filters or with some drawing on the screen, the RRSS like TikTok or Instagram are used worldwide, but who are the TikTok creators with the most followers?

Although there are sometimes controversial virals, from China they want to reach the games. In the case of YouTube, there are fast bans like this and some discontent on the platform, such as paying the premium to watch 4K videos.

Although it is true that this measure begins to harass, since YouTube begins to show up to 10 mandatory ads before watching a video.

Did you imagine what they paid TikTok, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram and the conditions in each of them?





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