Tequila Works confirms multiplatform port of Gylt, one of the best Stadia exclusives

Tequila Works confirms multiplatform port of Gylt, one of the best Stadia exclusives

Gylt, one of the best Google Stadia exclusive games, will receive a cross-platform port after the platform’s closure, Tequila Works confirms.

Tequila Worksthe Spanish studio known for Rime, Deadlight and The Sexy Brutale, has announced that its exclusive Google Stadia game, giltyou will receive a cross-platform port. They have not given more details, except that it will be released in 2023, without specifying platforms.

It is expected that Gylt will receive versions on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC, either Steam or the Epic Games Store, although none are confirmed at the moment.

The interesting thing is that, although the news of the closure of Stadia surprised the developers, who were not warned, the announcement of Tequila Works specifies that “they have been working on this port for a long time”, although coincidentally? They have waited for the platform to close to announce it.


GYLT – Stadia Launch Trailer

Gylt was one of the best Stadia games, and it will be cross-platform

Gylt was one of the five exclusive Stadia games, along with Pixeljunk Raiders or Hello Engineer. But the game from the Madrid studio Tequila Works (recently the subject of an investment by Tencent) was undoubtedly the most interesting of all, a title that, disguised as a horror game, was a reflection on bullying.

Last week Google closed the Stadia store, and that means Gylt could no longer be purchased. Users who had purchased it they will be able to continue playing it on Stadia until January 18, 2023but until Tequila Works releases the port, the game is inaccessible to anyone else.

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The next game from the Spanish team is another narrative adventure, but more cheerful… and surprisingly, based on the League of Legends universe, called Song of Nunu.

gilt you’ll be able to easily make your way past Stadia’s shutdown, but other consequences are harder to predict, like Red Dead Online users losing their progress unless Rockstar allows the character to be transferred to another platform.





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