The enigmatic Omori will come to PS4 and Nintendo Switch in physical format

The enigmatic Omori will come to PS4 and Nintendo Switch in physical format

The particular OMOCAT game confirms physical editions for Nintendo Switch and PS4 by Meridiem Games. For now there is no release date.

Few games are as special as Omori. It may seem like a simple title a priori, but once you immerse yourself in its universe you will not be able to escape. There is no doubt that he is one of the best indies of this 2022… and very soon it will debut in physical format.

At Hobby Consoles we don’t hesitate to include Omori in the Game Pass must haves for last summer. The OMOCAT title is an experience only comparable to Earthbound or Undertale.

Did you stay without enjoying Omori? Nothing happens, because Meridiem Games has announced physical editions for the title. They’ll be avalaible on both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.


OMORI – Physical Edition PS4 and Nintendo Switch

For now no release date for both editions, which come from the hand of Meridiem and OMOCAT to our country. We remind you that the PS4 edition is backward compatible with PlayStation 5, in case you want to play it on Sony’s next-gen console.

Explore a strange world full of colorful friends and enemies. Navigate between the colorful and the mundane to discover a forgotten past. When the time comes, the path you have chosen will determine your destiny… and perhaps the destiny of others as well.”.

It’s hard to explain what Omori is like. We are before an RPG with hints of visual novel, thriller and even horrorbecause together with our group of friends we will have to face harsh realities…


A reminder if you are going to play Omori: is a game that deals with sensitive issues (anxiety, depression or suicide), so keep that in mind when you start playing. It is not recommended for children or particularly sensitive people.

With the arrival of Omori in physical form, we bring another great news: for the first time the game will include Spanish subtitles. We remember that initially it was only in English.

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In addition to including a copy of the game, the physical edition of Omori incorporates an instruction manual and a photo sticker. Undoubtedly a great claim also for fans and collectors.

have you played Omori? Whether you have done it or not, soon you will be able to enjoy its physical editions on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Of course, we already warned you that it is a really special and unique game of its kind.

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