Sony ups the ante with PS VR2: expects to produce 2 million headsets by March 2023 and ramp up PS5 manufacturing

Sony ups the ante with PS VR2: expects to produce 2 million headsets by March 2023 and ramp up PS5 manufacturing

Sony is betting big on hardware production, expecting to produce 2 million PS VR2s by March 2023 and increasing PS5 manufacturing.

With PS VR2 due to launch early next year, plans for Sony regarding hardware virtual reality in PS5 They are to produce 2 million headsets by March 2023.

Along with this would increase the PS5 console manufacturing, although the scale of each remains to be seen. Keep in mind that the situation is not very good since it started because of the pandemic.

Internal Bloomberg sources inform that Sony Group Corporation It has set itself an ambitious goal in an uncertain field, as it took PlayStation VR 8 months to sell a million units.


PS VR2 – New PlayStation Announcement

Now the medium reveals that Sony plans to create 2 million Playstation VR2 for next March, according to sources familiar with the team. This sets an ambitious outlook that defies global economic malaise.

Mass production of the virtual reality goggles began in September and has yet to see any supply chain constraints, said the same sources, who asked not to be identified.

The production figure could be adjusted based on how much sales momentum the device has once it goes on sale early next year.

Sony PS5 and the production of the console alongside PS VR2

Sony shares rose 2.4% on Monday, October 3, which was the largest rise of these in the past six months.

VR headsets are still an unproven category after being on the market for many years, despite headsets from HTC, Valve and Oculus (now Meta Quest) being offered in the field.

The roadmap that Sony has with its next PSVR2 anticipates much more popularity than its predecessor on PS4 years ago. Meta Quest 2 is the most popular VR headset today and has sold 2.8 million during its first quarter on sale.

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But the most crucial part of this whole thing is that Sony has yet to set a psvr2 pricesince for now his only plan is to start selling it in early 2023 along with this increase in PS5 consoles.

Control in the supply chain is something that has been slipping out of your control since 2020 and buy a ps5 It is a titanic task since then, without going into the hateful packs of course.

This improved situation would give the company better hardware inventory in VR and consoles for a push in the market, since PlayStation VR2 is only compatible with PS5 with more than 20 launch games; although those of PlayStation VR will not be compatible with PS VR2.

We are 6 months or less from the launch of the Sony VR viewer for PS5so that we could soon see its official announcement with price and expected date.

It would not be unreasonable to think that at the end of October or beginning of November we could have these and other details, especially since mass production has already entered.

let sony wait produce 2 million PS VR2 headsets by March 2023 and putting them up for sale is crazy, although many would see with a better eye that surge in PS5 manufacturingTRUE?





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