Nintendo Pictures is the newly launched website for planning and producing "visual content" of IPs

Nintendo Pictures is the newly launched website for planning and producing "visual content" of IPs

Nintendo Pictures is now born as the official website of the company to plan and produce “visual content” in different ways using Nintendo IP.

Nintendo officially expands from video games into switch since now they want to do “visual content” of their IP thanks to the recently launched website titled as Nintendo Pictures.

Is It arrives in Japanese at the moment, but it was clear -for some- that with the Super Mario movie it was only the beginning of something much bigger in the company’s vision.

With Super Mario Odyssey, the most ambitious platform game in the saga was released in 2017, but at the moment we do not know if the story in the film is going to be similar, similar to that of Super Mario Bros. or an original one.


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For the moment the nintendo pictures logo It can already be seen on the website itself and the study’s message is as follows: “Nintendo Pictures is a video production company wholly owned by Nintendo.

Through its films, the company aims for customers around the world to see Nintendo characters through video and create unique visual images that will remain in their memories forever.“.

The message goes on to say: “To this end, each and every one of our employees is committed to always thinking about what our customers around the world will find interesting and we are committed to creating an organization that continues to grow and develop.“.

Does Nintendo want to create another Kirby or Zelda series and more?

We will strive to create an organization that can continue to grow by delivering unique and amazing images that transcend generations and eras to clients around the world.

We will continue to take on the challenge of offering unique and amazing images to our clients around the world, transcending generations and eras.“, the message ends.

It is clear that the company wants to see video creations of its series when consoles like 3DS or 2DS and NES They were more than the order of the day.

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And if in the whole pokemon story we have already seen many films and series -which are still being produced- this pace could even speed up; all this in the form original and untethered.

On Twitter and thanks to tip from Nibel, a user saw that the company has been around since 2011. And this is so because the company was called Dynamo Pictures before Nintendo bought it and renamed it.

It was like that Nintendo Pictures was borna movement that became part of the study purchases in 2022, acquisitions of Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and more.

But since the acquisition was completed today, October 3, 2022, the news along with the website have become official despite the fact that it I was born a few months ago.

Now it only remains to be seen if switch have something else planned, like that super nintendo switch that has been rumored for a while Nintendo Switch Proa new game or new forms of content.

For now we have only seen Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch OLED, so this would have to wait until -at least- next year 2023.

What situations could we see with Nintendo Pictures? Would they revive Zelda’s Adventure for CD-i? Will they repeat with new Pikmin shorts now that Pikmin 4 arrives next year?

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