Nintendo no longer allows bare breasts in Switch games, says developer

Nintendo no longer allows bare breasts in Switch games, says developer

According to a publisher of sexual content games, Nintendo no longer allows games with bare breasts to appear on Switch if they are not censored. Will this affect “normal” and adult games, or just explicit hentai-type games (of which there are already plenty on the eshop)?

Nintendo would have allegedly reinforced the censorship in video games that it approves to launch on Switch. According to publisher Gamuzumi, Nintendo no longer allows games with uncensored bare breasts to appear on Switcha decision made very recently, this month.

This is how Gamuzumi explains it in a Twitter thread (via nintendo-everything), in which he regrets that, due to these new regulations, they will no longer be able to launch their game “Hot Tentacles Shooter”.

In responses to a userspecifies that this started happening this month (in September), because until now they had been able to launch games on the Switch eShop with a Hentai theme, such as “Elves Fantasy Hentai Puzzle“.

Nintendo Reportedly Tightens Censorship Against Bare Breasts on Switch

We have received confirmation from Nintendo that they no longer accept uncensored boobs on their console. Basically, Obscene content that can damage the brand and break its standards. This means that all games with breast nudity will be censored and that is why our game (Hot Tentacles Shooter) was rejected.“.

It seems that Nintendo has started to take more seriously what kind of games end up in its virtual Switch store, perhaps after it made headlines last April. a Hentai game “that could be played with one hand”.

Paradoxically, this kind of nsfw gamesnot to mention dirty games (Hot Tentacles Shooter is a lifelong shooter in which you unlock drawings of naked girls) proliferated on Switch while on the other Sony and Microsoft consoles they censored.

But, if what Gamuzumi says is true, Nintendo would have turned off the tap to all games that show naked breastswhether these are explicitly sexually themed or are “normal” but adult games.

Does this mean that games with nudity like Cyberpunk 2077 couldn’t come out on the Switch if they weren’t censored, while filth like “hentai vs. Evil“Could they go out as long as they covered the anime bunnies’ nipples?


Sex in Cyberpunk 2077

The Witcher 3 or the GTA Trilogy games, which came out on Switch, also have female breasts and they weren’t censored, but that’s before this new censorship policy that Gamuzumi has implied.

This publisher is specialized in a very specific type of game that can continue to thrive on Steam or explicit game platforms like Nutaku Games, but for console brands they are a scourgelike Sony and Microsoft, let alone one as “family friendly” as Nintendo.

We do not know the exact conditions of this new Nintendo policy (if it really exists), so we recommend not jumping to conclusions.

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