Leaked images of Diablo 4 showing the menu when creating a character and their skill trees

Leaked images of Diablo 4 showing the menu when creating a character and their skill trees

New images of Diablo 4 have appeared online, revealing the character create menu and some of its skill trees.

Diablo 4 is still partying on Blizzard because the next numbered game in the saga has seen how filter again other type of title materials long before release and in the form of images.

During the month of September there was already a series of video leaks that are -apparently- of cinematics of the game and that continued a week later with up to 40 minutes of gameplay.

Now and even to a lesser extent, the next adventure after Diablo III and Diablo III Reaper of Souls is about to arrive since activision blizzard confirmed the game for 2023.


Diablo IV – Cutscenes and Motion Capture (Leaked)

Among the cinematics that could be seen leaked in September, there were also various motion capture sessions by actors and actresses embodying various characters.

Now what is shown are quite a few images, but they do not deserve less attention. From here it is all under your responsibility, since there are people who prefer not to know anything.

Diablo IV without any artwork and straight to face from the game

Despite the fact that in July of this year Blizzard put an end to the rumors of the supposed and imminent beta of Diablo 4, the situation changed recently.

The same company of others legendary sagas as World of Warcraft and Starcraft announced a post-game closed beta for Diablo 4; but very exclusive and only for experts.

It is perhaps why this leak has come, since this testing phase of the game is already underway and as a result they leave us these new leaked materials.

At the moment they have been online for a long time, but since they have been leaked a little earlier than Blizzard had planned, it is possible that they will last a little more active on the network.

In the images you can see some parts of the menu where characters can be created, the classic screen to select one of them and some skill trees.

Remember that Devil IV It is a game that since 2019 was already announced with a permanent connection, in addition to not including an offline mode.

In the same way, we do not know if modders -prone to creating mods of all kinds- are going to have blizzard permission to develop an offline mode.

The only clear thing so far is that Devil IV It moves away from the controversies of Diablo Immortal and in this way Blizzard detailed the monetization of the long-awaited installment.

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Although very calm, since Diablo IV’s paid content focuses on cosmetics and complete expansions, as explained by Blizzard.

And added to all this, from Blizzard they are looking for a way for users to play with a cross-play function between platforms.

These leaked images of Diablo 4 they made you want to play more Activision Blizzard title?





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