Jim Ryan 'has flown to Brussels' as Sony PlayStation boss to show EU concern over Activision's Xbox deal

Jim Ryan ‘has flown to Brussels’ as Sony PlayStation boss to show EU concern over Activision’s Xbox deal

The current CEO and head of Sony PlayStation Jim Ryan ‘has flown to Brussels’ to show the European Union his deep concern about the purchase deal that Microsoft and Xbox have made for Activision Blizzard.

The head of sony playstation ‘has flown to Brussels’ to express to the EU his concern about the treatment of Xbox by ActivisionBlizzard. It’s not the first time Jim Ryan has spoken publicly about -among other things- the future of Call of Duty on microsoft.

This happened last month when Ryan himself did it to meet with the European Union regulators that they are examining the proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft.

An agreement that while Xbox remains optimistic and sees it close to completion, Sony’s counterpart believes that giving Microsoft control of Activision would be negative for players and the industry.

Now we read from sources in Dealreporter (via VGC) that he CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment personally visited the EU headquarters almost a month ago to talk about this and more.

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This guest consultation was given on September 8 to show his concerns about his console rival regarding the proposed deal of 68.7 billion dollars.

For weeks -and almost months- PlayStation has been concerned about this deal for future releases of the Call of Duty saga, which is regularly what best seller on PS4 and PS5 consoles on an annual basis.

The saga could be removed from these platforms since Call of Duty can only be released on PlayStation for three more years after the purchase of Microsoft.

Activision, Xbox and PlayStation, to verdict and each one to their theme

But the thing does not end here since according to the same sources, Google has also raised concerns with EU regulators..

The actual head of xbox phil spencer said last month that Microsoft had committed to making Call of Duty available for “several more yearsafter the expiration of Sony’s current marketing agreement with Activision.

Although that to CEO of SIS it is not enough for him and he seems to keep looking for access to call of duty futures in terms of fairness and perpetuity, beyond Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 onwards and says this is “inadequate on many levels“.


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Although said agreement is still being investigated by Europe and the CMA in the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, in the rival company they have tried to find other future PlayStation Plus with PlayStation Plus Premium, PlayStation Plus Essential and PlayStation Plus Extra.

Although with PlayStation Plus Collection they have achieved something more, it does not seem to be a system that curdles compared to what is consecrated with Xbox and PC GamePass.

Of course, every month there are new games and there are more and more games available in PS Plus Essential like those of October 2022, all because Sony believes in premium releases before subscriptions.

At the moment it remains to be seen if the Jim Ryan’s visit to Brussels as Sony PlayStation CEO has had some impact on the EU reviews by the buy activision for xbox.





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