After petting the dog, cat and hedgehog on PlayStation comes… Petting the parrot!

After petting the dog, cat and hedgehog on PlayStation comes... Petting the parrot!

After PS4’s easiest Platinum game spawned hedgehog, cat, hamster, and snake clones, it was clear that it still didn’t have any winged animals; and that had to be fixed.

The easiest platinum game on PS4 has a parrot after Pet the Dog arrive Pet the Hedgehog, the Cat, the Hamster and the Snake. But in this Beakhair of playstation store it was missing an animal, with feathers.

Now he has more competition and to choose from, but the best thing is that he has 71 trophies to get and all of them have the same theme; as is obvious, of course.

It is a more than perfect opportunity to get a few more trophies in one of the sony playstation consoleseither in PS4 or on PS5.

Unless trophy collectors prefer to get everything their own way, then this news doesn’t interest them at all.

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In any case the official description of the game on PS Store is very similar to the others: “Parrots are amazing creatures, they can copy us and sometimes more cunning than us.

This one probably doesn’t, but it can also be petted. This is your opportunity to have a beautiful parrot pet without all the hassle and work involved, you just have to pet it“.

None of these games are guaranteed to appear on playstation plusso the only option they give to play them is to buy them in the Sony digital store.

Trophies on PS4 and PS5 to place the logo of each one

If you prefer, here are the 10 most difficult PS5 trophies to achieve, only suitable for the best players and not for those who deny these easy platinums.

On the contrary, these are the 10 easiest platinums to get on PS5, although in this case when petting animals they can be done in PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro without any problem.

At that time and a few days ago pet the hedgehog, pet the cat Y pet the hamster were the ones available in the Sony consoles in the absence of pet the snake.

But said video game was launched on September 29 and joins this pet the parrot which can now be purchased on the PS Store from today, October 2, 2022.

The rest is up to you, but after pet the dog, the cat and the hedgehog -adding already pet the parrot– It is clear that the thing does not end here.

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