Crystal Dynamics asks Legacy of Kain fans about the return of the saga through a survey

Crystal Dynamics asks Legacy of Kain fans about the return of the saga through a survey

Crystal Dynamics has launched a new survey, this time targeting Legacy of Kain fans. In this question about the return of the saga and the situations they would like to see with it.

Crystal Dynamics have news about Legacy of KainAlthough it is not a new game. The company has published and distributed a new poll in reference to the saga asleep for almost 20 years.

Fans of the franchise have been asking for a new game since the last one was Legacy Of Kain: Defiance for Xbox, PS2 and PC in late 2003.

When Square Enix sold Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal and Square Enix Montreal to Embracer Group in 2022, many thought that adding sagas like Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Thief and Legacy Of Kain would give new games, remasters or more.

And that could be seen on the horizon since Embracer promised new deliveries of “sleeping” licenses, in addition to wanting to squeeze them with remakes, remasters and spin-offs.

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Now these signs of revitalization could be seen soon if this crystal dynamics survey goes to good port. Not that there is a new game in development, but for now it is on the right track.

Several users in forums like ResetEra and with tweets like East They have warned that the company is sending these questions to various users so that they can fill them out and/or share them with others.

The Legacy Of Kain IP could grow in titles and fans, after asking about age, name, gender and platforms where it is played, the survey begins to launch questions about the user experience in the franchise.

To this we must add others about whether the games have been played, consumed online content through platforms like YouTube and/or Twitch and more.

Legacy of Kain could return to consoles and PC. Or not?

The questionnaire continues to talk about whether the respondent is a fan of the saga or what games have been played, and even that they are scored; from here everything is more specific.

At this point they look for the best memory they have, how would they describe the setting, Nosgoth and even what are the 5 main pillars of Legacy of Kain.

Protagonists and secondary, interests and more, although in question 21 they already offer choices between Reboot, sequel, remaster of one and even remake going through multiplayer, cooperative and more options.

The survey is exhaustive and open to everyone, it seems that after Marvel’s Avengers since Crystal Dynamics They are interested in hearing opinions.

However,Legacy of Kain deserve a comeback? Let’s see what the fans say.





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