Sackboy A Big Adventure comes to PC on October 27 with 4K and 120fps as Returnal on PC leaks new details

Sackboy A Big Adventure comes to PC on October 27 with 4K and 120fps as Returnal on PC leaks new details

Sackboy: A Big Adventure presents its own official trailer from PlayStation with the official PC features: 4k and 120FPS target and more; that comes as Returnal on PC leaks new details.

Sackboy A Big Adventure comes to pc since its release on consoles PlayStation. After appearing in PS4 Y PS5 now it does it on computers with features like 4K Y 120fps.

At the same time Returnal has new leaked details of its more than expected launch on PC after its passage from Playstation 5. Although the official version of the digital sumo game in its version beyond playstation consoles somewhat overshadowed the rest.

PlayStation icon Sackboy springs into action on PC in a massive 3D multiplayer platform adventure, available October 27, 2022“.

This information comes to us from the official playstation accountso in little more than a month we will see Sackboy A Big Adventure on Steam and the Epic Games Store for purchase.

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Now let’s talk about Returnal, the Housemarque game which recently released Ascension for free with cooperative mode and the Tower of Sisyphus.

The fact is that a few months ago there were already new details about the arrival of Returnal on PC, because the ”Oregon” listing on Steam it was updated again.

Not to mention that this September a technical talk by Housemarque hints that Returnal will come to PC, but not only that, since it will do so with unpublished features.

This time (via pc gamer) is filtered again and definitely has DLSS and FSR, although we have no way of seeing it anymore. The ‘ad’ was leaked through a YouTube video, which did not last long.

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After receiving a “copyright claim filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC“, in this you could see Returnal on PC in a short paused clip in the graphic settings menu.

Fixed in one area of ​​this -without going down in the many others that there are- they do confirm multiple image scaling techniques.

Whoever it was that recorded this 53-second video clip has been in this menu for a long time, although at least we can see some more than confirmed options.

  • Resolution by scaling – Render the game at a lower than native resolution to increase performance.
  • dynamic resolution – Allows the game to automatically reduce the resolution during demanding scenes.
  • Nvidia DLSS – The popular scaling technique based on the Nvidia AI. It has options for Performance, Balanced, Quality, Ultra Performance and Ultra Quality.
  • AMD FSR – The technique of AMD scaling it’s here too, with the same options as DLSS.
  • NIS – Another Nvidia scaling technique that doesn’t require a RTX graphics card.

The rest of the graphic options can be seen to confirm some more than welcome characteristic accounts: unlimited frame rate and ray tracing in both shadows and reflections.

Since DLSS is already confirmed, it seems that Returnal on PC It has support for Nvidia RTX technology and its ray tracing.

Now what Sackboy A Big Adventure is already announced on PC Y Returnal has been leaked on PC in all possible ways,when will the announcement be made by sony playstation?

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