The hacker of GTA 6 pleads not guilty to the improper use of computers and is being held in a juvenile detention center

The hacker of GTA 6 pleads not guilty to the improper use of computers and is being held in a juvenile detention center

The alleged author of the GTA 6 leak was arrested last week by the authorities and is currently being held in a juvenile detention center. During his stay he has pleaded not guilty.

One of the most shocking news of this 2022 has been the leak that GTA 6 has suffered just a few days ago. Rockstar admitted that the dozens of videos of a pre-alpha version of the play they were true, which left many fans stunned.

But the big revelation would come later when it was confirmed that the alleged author of this information theft was a 17-year-old teenage hacker living in the UK and repeat offender after attacking other companies like Nvidia.


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After the arrest of this hacker of GTA VI, the details about this whole matter are slowly becoming clear. The still guilty plea pleaded not guilty to a computer misuse charge this pointed out Eurogamer.

However, the teen pleaded guilty to violating bail conditions. According to reports, the City of London Police Cyber ​​Crimes Unit has indicated that the hacker had appeared in court over the weekend and was now confined in a juvenile detention center.

The 17-year-old who appeared at Highbury Corner Juvenile Court on September 24 pleaded guilty to breaching his bail conditions and is not guilty of computer misuseexplained the inspector of detectives of the city of London, Michael O’Sullivan. The teen has been remanded to a juvenile detention center.

For the moment, the situation seems to have stagnated, since the jurisprudence with minors acts differently. We will be attentive to know the resolution of the case and the possible implications.

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Has this affected GTA 6?

Obviously, GTA VI Y rock star They have been deeply affected, but luckily, the statement published by the company a few days ago assured that the development of the game continued as before.

At the moment, the company’s measures go through re-shielding itself against other possible attacks by looking for a research analyst. And be careful because this leak has been able to reveal something more important.

It has already been commented that the budget to create GTA 6 could be 2 billion dollars, the largest in the history of the video game, surpassing the more than 500 million of Genshin impact. What do you expect from this new installment of Grand Theft Auto? Rockstar wants to exceed their fans’ expectations at all costs.

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