Microsoft presents a new Xbox controller from its camouflage line

Microsoft presents a new Xbox controller from its camouflage line

Microsoft announces a new camouflage series color for the Xbox Wireless Controller, Mineral Camo Special Edition, available now at Razer stores.

Microsoft said yesterday that they have no plans to produce a white Xbox Series X, but with the controllers they are having a blast.

They just announced a new Elite 2 series controller in black and white, that you can even change the color of the button, and today they have a new color for the standard remote, xbox wireless controller.

Its about Mineral Camo Special Editiona controller with bluish/green camouflage tones, which makes it very colorful and at the same time discreet (specifically, mineral blue, bright purple, aquamarine and dark purple).

xbox wireless controller

Where to buy the new Xbox Mineral Camo controller

Its ocean tones are inspired by minerals, and it includes all the usual features of Xbox controllers, such as its anti-slip texture on the triggers and the back for stability.

It also has its characteristic hybrid crosshead, and connection for jack headphones. Uses AA batteries, and is compatible with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10/11 via the Xbox Accessories app (and USB-C cable).

The Xbox Wireless Controller Mineral Camo has gone on sale today in the store Microsoft StoreAt a price of €64.99 (with shipping to Spain).

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This week the most garishly colored Xbox controllers, Shock Blue, Robot White and Carbon Black, have also dropped in price. In addition, here we recommend a list of other Xbox controllers, official from Microsoft or from other companies, if you want to boost your game with professional controllers.

As we said, this Xbox controller joins the line of “camouflage” controllers, although the others were much more flashy, like this red and black “Daystrike Camo” controller.

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