Marvel doesn't impose an MCU-style connected universe for games, "everyone is free to tell their story"

Marvel doesn’t impose an MCU-style connected universe for games, "everyone is free to tell their story"

Marvel isn’t going to make their games connected like the MCU movies, instead giving studios free will because “everyone is free to tell their story“.

In Marvel the situation with games is clear: they don’t want a universe connected. The games of the franchise that come out will each go their own way, giving freedom to the studies so that they believe what they deem appropriate.

All this has come to light a week later and after the EA Motive ad with the iron man gamesince it is a single player adventure with Tony Stark.

In have had the opportunity to chat with several important people within Marvel Studiossince the company Star Wars Squadrons You have been given the opportunity to create your own version of the Avenger.


This is how to play with Iron Man VR – Is it convincing to fly like Tony Stark in PlayStation VR?

and although Marvel’s Iron Man VR already existed for PlayStation VRit seems that they have chosen to make another game, focused on another dynamic -without needing a virtual reality viewer- and for consoles in general.

Brought directly from the comics, in the middle they wonder if after the success of the Spider-Man games on PlayStation with Marvel’s Spider-Man, Miles Morales and the future Marvel’s Spider-Man 2Is everything going to connect like in the movies and series?

Because everyone knows that the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM or MCU) has been carrying stories of Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Vision and more characters to the screen.

There is not going to be an MCU for the Marvel games

The answer is no. And according Bill Rosemann who is Vice President and Creative Director of Marvel Games such a move would be detrimental to the company’s overall ambition.

The world is surprisingly very familiar and accepts the multiverse“, began explaining Rosemann. “We have all these different realities.

Now they are all real and we want to give everyone the freedom to tell their story. We don’t want to say ‘you can’t fly the moon,’ because this game from the other studio here needs the moon.

We want to give everyone the freedom and free rein to tell their story“. So a Marvel Cinematic Universe of marvel comics will not be present at the games.

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Rosemann himself is speaking before the announcement of another great Marvel project what is going to be done in another AAA study.

The Disney-owned company is already working with companies like PlayStation, Take-Two, Niantic and Skydance in titles with a number of famous people.

And now that you’ve added to Electronic Arts to your list of partners, from EA Motive they have a lot to tell; as they are also the original developers of dead space.

But the fact that all these games are autonomous and independent of each other, this does not mean that there is not something that connects them in some way; a small piece.

what will you have prepared Marvel for your games? At the moment we are still waiting for the same thing, despite the fact that in Marvel’s Midnight Suns there are characters known as Spiderman.





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