Earn 300 free protogems for Genshin Impact on TikTok

Earn 300 free protogems for Genshin Impact on TikTok

Upload a video to TikTok showing that you are quite a Genshin Impact traveler. You will enter the contest for the 2nd anniversary of the game and you can win up to 300 protogems.

If there is something Genshin Impact he knows how to do very well is to connect with his community. Not only through game events or characters, but also with different contests and promotions on social networks.

On the occasion of the title’s second anniversary, HoYoverse is holding a new Genshin Impact video contest on TikTok. Prove your worth as a traveler and get up to 300 protogems for free.


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The contest is now available for the Genshin Impact community. In this guide we detail the dates, rules of the contest, procedure and rewards that we can get. Will you upload the best TikTok of all?

If you want to get juicy rewards and show your love for Genshin Impact, here we leave you How to win 300 free protogems with the Genshin Impact contest on TikTok.

How to earn 300 free protogems on TikTok

Genshin Impact

You don’t have to be an ax playing Genshin Impact to earn free protogems. The new HoYoverse contest will reward the most original TikTok video that demonstrates what it means to be a Teyvat traveler.

How do you hear it? All who have a HoYoverse account (with their respective UID) will be able to participate in the contest, held on the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of Genshin Impact.

Paimon will verify your identity and assess whether your TikTok video is worthy of the award. There are no content or style restrictions: you can upload whatever you want to show your love for Genshin Impact.

Yes indeed, only videos related to the game and uploaded to the TikTok platform are allowed. The hashtag must be placed next to the video #IAmTraveler.

Genshin Impact TikTok contest is live from September 22 to October 2. For its part, HoYoverse will publish the results on October 21.

With this video contest you can win a whopping 300 protogems 100% free. HoYoverse will give away 500 Protogem packs, so you can get on the winners list pretty easily.

contest rules

Genshin Impact anime announcedGenshin Impact anime announced
  1. It is forbidden to publish content that is not related to the event, as well as spam or advertising.
  2. It is possible to participate multiple times in the event, but each user (verified by UID) will only receive one pack of protogems.
  3. Rewards are valid for any platform and region.
  4. If a winning entry has been published on multiple platforms (PC, PlayStation or mobile), the platform on which it was published first will be taken into account.
  5. The use of third-party publications, as well as theft and copyright infringement, are prohibited.
  6. You can send your doubts and questions to the Customer Service or Internal Customer Service of the game.
  7. Participating in this event means that you give HoYoverse permission to publish your works on public platforms.
  8. Participating in this event implies that you agree to publish your UID and your username on the platform in which you participate.
  9. If the distribution of the rewards cannot be carried out because the UID provided by the player is incorrect, the team will not redistribute the rewards

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Genshin ImpactGenshin Impact

That is Everything You Need to Know About the Genshin Impact 2nd Anniversary TikTok Contest. We remind you that the game is 100% free and is available on PS5, PS4, PC and mobile.

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