Ocelote leaves G2: the well-known CEO and the esports organization separate their paths after recent controversies

Ocelote leaves G2: the well-known CEO and the esports organization separate their paths after recent controversies

One of the best-known personalities in electronic sports has resigned from the club he founded a few years ago. Ocelote leaves G2 esports after recent controversies.

G2 soon became one of the largest organizations in esports at European level under the mandate of Carlos “Ocelot” Rodriguez. The CEO of the company made the club quickly begin to achieve success, especially in the competitive field of League of Legends.

However, it seems that everything has an end, since these last days Ocelote and G2 have been splashed by the controversy after the first appeared with Andrew TateAmerican influencer, who was branded a misogynist after some unfortunate comments.

Since then, many G2 fans and members of the esports organization itself they protested the relationship that Ocelote had with this individual. The club body took temporary measures that included the suspension of Carlos’ salary for a few months.

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However, this whole situation has been escalating more and more and it has even been commented that the reason G2 will not have a place in the new Valorant league could have been due to these recent controversies.

Therefore, it seems that Ocelote has decided to take a step back and leave the team. In a statement, both G2 and its now exCEO have reported this. Ocelot officially leaves G2. We leave the statement here:

It’s been a tough week for us after the events of last weekend. Today we have received and accepted the resignation of Carlos as CEO of G2 Esports.

As a global esports organization serving the world’s most diverse fanbase, we take responsibility for our fans, employees, team members and partners around the world. In this context, we want to stress that we do not support any form of misogyny. We continue to prioritize fostering inclusion and supporting a diverse player community.

We are fully committed to continuing the G2 legacy and are empowered by our passion and commitment to the G2Army. Thanks.

On the other hand, Ocelote has also spoken on social networks in a video where he has been seen quite excited after assuring that he would do anything to protect the organization.

This is a very harsh end to what has otherwise been a very meaningful and joyful experience, He commented while standing firm commenting that he took full responsibility for everything that has happened in recent days.

What will be the future of G2 after the departure of Ocelote?

Ocelote has always been a very charismatic person within electronic sports at a European level, with a direct and humorous character, but the controversy has been really serious, so his departure seems definitive, despite being the face of G2 after so many years .

We will see what the next steps are that the club takes. Right now, one of the most important branches of G2 is focused on the World Cup League of Legends, which starts next week and in which the team starts as the second best European seed with the Spanish ACD Flakked among its ranks. will he return to Valorant the team?

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