The best of PSP, Sony PlayStation’s first portable console, in review live and podcast

The best of PSP, Sony PlayStation’s first portable console, in review live and podcast

We dedicate a direct Hobby and Hobby podcast to PSP, Sony’s portable console that marked an era, and from which we keep a lot of memories. What were our favorite PSP games? Do you remember the movies in UMD or GPS?

This week we offer you a direct hobby and a nostalgic hobby podcast, dedicated to our memories with PSP, Sony’s first portable console in the PlayStation family. Our guests discuss what their favorite games were, their first contact with the console and what models they had: PSP-1000, PSP-3000PSP Go or PSP Street.

In Hobbyconsolas we have already told you the 20 best PSP games, but in this discussion, we address the console catalog from a different perspective; are the favorite games of our guests.


PSP Memories – PlayStation Go Portable Live!

We are going to meet one of the weirdest psp gamesas well as must-have console titles like Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles, GTA, God of War, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker and Monster Hunter.

Of course, we couldn’t miss our review of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII, which will soon be released as a remake for current consoles with the same visual appearance as Final Fantasy VII Remake and the title Reunion.

Our PSP memories

This week, our managers for talk psp (and to show their machines) are Álvaro Alonso (@alvaroalone_so on Twitter), David Lorao (@Goonielor) David Rodríguez (@david_taiko) and David Martínez (@DMHobby) who will show you one of the UMD that we used to do the analysis of the games.

you will be able to discover who bought a pink glitter PSP, or which of our guests had to buy their console in Hong Kong, before it was released in Europe. There were also those who took it from his brother to play.

Like every week, in addition to addressing a main topic, we dedicate a part of our direct and podcast to discuss current events, such as the leak of GTA 6 or the launch of the Logitech G Cloud portable console.

And of course, we comment on the contributions of our readers, through the Twitch and Youtube chat. Direct Hobby and Hobby Podcast would not make sense if you do not join us every Thursday at 8:00 p.m. and leave us your point of view.

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here you can listen to our podcast (which is available on all major platforms). We leave you the links below:

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