Rick Sanchez will be the next MultiVersus character

Rick Sanchez will be the next MultiVersus character

MultiVersus will soon welcome Rick Sanchez (from Rick and Morty), who joins the roster of Batman, Arya Stark or Bugs Bunny in this fighting crossover from Warner. It has no date, but it is expected to come out next week in a new patch.

Warner Bros. Games has confirmed the next playable character of Multi Versus. The first season of this free to play fighting game had Morty as one of its first players, and soon the professor will arrive Rick Sanchezcompleting the cast of Rick and Morty.

It has not been confirmed when Rick Sánchez will arrive at MultiVersus, but according to susiegame leaker, is very likely to arrive next week, Tuesday or Thursday, along with the next patch.


MultiVersus – Rick Sanchez Trailer

MultiVersus, the crossover dreamed by fans

MultiVersus, the crossover of the best Warner Bros. licenses (except Harry Potter, apparently too valuable to put in the game) recently received a charismatic character from the 80s, the endearing Gizmo, from the Gremlins (who has his bad version , Stripe), next to Black Adam from DC Comics.

There was also a rumor that Goku could arrive, as happened recently in Fortnite, where there was Dragon Ball content. Unfortunately, the latest indications suggest that Gandalf and the content of The Lord of the Rings has remained in the inkwell…

If you look at the fan requests (and rights can be allowed), Ben 10, Walter White, Rigby, Mordecai and Gumball They are some of the most desired characters by fans.

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A leak from months ago, before the game was even in early access, teased characters like Joker, Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, Eleven from Stranger Things or Godzilla, which could be an XL character like The Iron Giant. Even ted lasso slipped through there, although some might have been cancelled.

What other Warner characters -or guests- would you like to see in MultiVersus? Some of Warner’s most iconic productions, such as Harry Potterwere rumored, but apparently JK Rowling’s world was scrapped very early in development.

The world of Matrix is much more likely, especially for a fighting game of this style (some elements very similar to the green and black lines of code were found in the code).

MultiVersus will receive Rick from Rick & Morty very soon, probably next week, in the middle of the current season. Remember that this Smash Bros. style fighting game is free to play on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4 and Xbox One.

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