John Tobias shares the curious creation of the iconic Mortal Kombat logo for the 30th anniversary of the saga

John Tobias shares the curious creation of the iconic Mortal Kombat logo for the 30th anniversary of the saga

Mortal Kombat continues to leave us data the sea of ​​individuals. Thirty years after its launch, the fighting saga has starred in a noteworthy curiosity regarding the creation of its logo.

One of the longest sagas in the history of video games, Mortal Kombathas left us a lot of curiosities and stories over the years, but there is still much to discover and the 30th anniversary of the saga has shown it.

The saga that introduced us to scorpion, sub-zero and company has a logo very distinguished, a hallmark that any player would recognize. However, not everyone knows where this drawing comes from.

Mortal Kombat co-creator John Tobias has been talking about the whole thing and has revealed an anecdote that is sure to fascinate the biggest fans of this fighting game franchise.

The curious origin of the Mortal Kombat logo

As stated in the thread published on its official Twitter, the Mortal Kombat logo, with its iconic dragon, comes in the first instance from one of the names that were considered for the game: Dragon Attack.

And where does the name of Dragon Attack come from? Well, look at the data, because it is a clear reference to the song of the same name composed by Queen. Even the colors of the logo are the ones described in the song.

As for the dragon design, the inspiration comes from when John Vogel saw a golden statue of a dragon on the Midway general manager’s desk, Ken Fedesna. The team borrowed it to digitize it and then print it out in the game’s arcades.

However, the idea went further. I had been thinking of creating an icon to represent the tournament, but also to mark the game with a symbolTobias commented. Like Superman’s “S” or Batman’s bat symbol. I used the dragon from the sketch as our symbol.

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It wasn’t until MKII that the team had to make the decision to make the symbol only face to the side. As additional information, the creator of the saga claimed that his sister always confused the dragon with a seahorse. What do you think of this late reveal? Have you been as frozen as Sub Zero?

Do you want more curiosities? Not long ago, the creator of Mortal Kombat shared a curious behind-the-scenes scene with which Scorpion’s animations were defined.

The saga has won fans all over the world. In fact, there have been all kinds of tributes, like the AEW fighter Jade Cargill who did a great cosplay of her namesake in Mortal Kombat during a fight.

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